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Viviscal for Hair Loss | An In-Depth Viviscal Review by Hair Loss Daily

Viviscal is Hollywood’s Hair Regrowth Formula of Choice…

But Does it Really Work?

Gwyneth Paltrow is maybe the most pretentious, insufferable actress in Hollywood. But she has incredible hair!

Gwyneth’s secret is Viviscal, the hair health and wellness and also regrowth supplement of option among stars. It’s endorsed by Reese Witherspoon, Miley Cyrus, Miranda Lambert, as well as much more. However will it help you? Maintain reading to find out!

Below’s the bargain. Like you, I’m incredibly skeptical of all loss of hair treatments. The frustrating bulk of them are ineffective; some threaten, also. Viviscal seems one of the exemptions.

Researches show that Viviscal is an effective hair revitalizing and regrowth alternative for both females as well as men. In this article I’ll assess the medical studies on Viviscal, compare it to other treatments, as well as with any luck, help you establish if it’s the right item for you. Let’s get going.

Viviscal for Hair Loss and Regrowth – The Basics

  • What is Viviscal? Inning accordance with their site, Viviscal is “double action hair care system” which promotes development as well as returns thicker-looking hair. I’ll be examining the hair growth supplements, their most popular products. However Viviscal also sells hair shampoos, conditioners, etc.
  • What are the ingredients? Viviscal’s essential active ingredient is AminoMar, their exclusive aquatic healthy protein oil which consists of shark as well as mollusk powders. Yes, you heard right, it’s obtained shark in it! Supposedly the active ingredients comes from lasting sources, to ensure that’s excellent. AminoMar has actually been clinically shown to advertise hair development from within. Viviscal likewise has a selection of other vitamins that are crucial for hair wellness, like biotin, vitamin C, and also zinc.
  • How does it work? So there are 4 stages to the human hair growth cycle: growing, regression, relaxing, and also shedding. Viviscal assists prolong the growth stage, by supplying your hair with nutrients.
  • Other Benefits – Viviscal might also enhance your nail and skin wellness.

3 Viviscal Studies Reviewed – Just the Data, No Jargon

Avoid ahead if you just intend to listen to even more concerning the star endorsements. Don’t worry, I’ll return to those. However, for the remainder of you, right here are 5 pertinent Viviscal studies that I think deserve reviewing (or skimming, at the very least). I’ll try to prevent using medical lingo as well as maintain this as concise as feasible. Let’s get to it.

Study 1 – 1993

Title: A relative research of a brand-new food supplement, ViviScal, with fish essence for the therapy of genetic androgenic alopecia in young males.

This looks to be the earliest, peer-reviewed research on Viviscal. It entailed 40 boys with androgenic alopecia, or male pattern baldness, and also lasted for 6 months. Fifty percent received Viviscal, the other half were offered a placebo.

At the six month mark, people on Viviscal saw a 38% increase in non-vellus hair (those are the long, terminal hairs, not “peach fuzz”). The placebo group saw just a 2% rise in hair. Remember, this study was done way back in 1993, well before Propecia was readily available. And also during that time, researchers wrapped up that Viviscal was the “first very active treatment for androgenic alopecia in young males” (1 ).

Study 2 – 1996

Title: Treatment of Alopecia Areata, Alopecia Totalis as well as Alopecia Universalis with Oral ViviScal ® for 12 Months.

This year-long research study was performed by the Swedish Alopecia Association. 97 people enlisted. Every one of them had some type of alopecia location, which triggers loss of hair on the scalp, face, and/or whole body. Outcomes were self-reported by the individuals through sets of questions.

The lifetime danger of developing alopecia location is 2.1%, according to the National Alopecia Areata Foundation (2 ). So it’s an uncommon condition, but it’s known to create severe and complete baldness. Loss of hair might likewise be reversible for some patients.


  • A “complete treatment” (100% scalp regrowth) was observed in 7 (14%) of the patients with alopecia location. 54% had excellent to superb results (70– 95% regrowth). 12% had inadequate outcomes (50% or much less regrowth).
  • The alopecia totalis consisted of 12 clients, and this group likewise reacted well to the therapy. Symptoms of alopecia totalis can consist of a failure of hair on the scalp. 25% in this group were reportedly healed, 32% had outstanding outcomes, as well as the remaining 24% deemed their treatment a failing.
  • Alopecia universalis can result in the full hair loss on the scalp, face, and body. This 20-person team had the most awful outcomes by far. Just 5% reported a treatment, 23% had outstanding results, and the continuing to be 72% regarded the treatment a failure.

Researchers ended that ViviScal ® “properly causes regrowth of hair in patients with alopecia location and also alopecia totalis.”

Possible Problems– It doesn’t show up that this study was peer-reviewed. The National Alopecia Areata does not listing Viviscal as one of the primary alopecia areata treatments on their website. And, a lot of dramatically, the outcomes were all self-reported by the individuals.

Study 3 – 1997

Title: Treatment of Androgenetic Alopecia with a Marine-Based Extract of Proteins and also Polysaccarides.

This Brazilian study consisted of 200 males with male pattern baldness. 178 of those men finished the study. Whoever wrote the English research synopsis should be incarcerated. That said, it seems a fairly extensive and, as necessary, worth reviewing.

Methods: I’ll go over the techniques to the most effective of my ability. They were complicated and tough to comply with. So, two locations of the scalp were assessed on a five-point range, from no loss of hair to baldness. Tricogram analyses, where hairs are drawn as well as taken a look at under a microscopic lense, were executed also. Pictures were also taken at the beginning and end of the research.

Results: The outcomes declared, but lacked clearness. I couldn’t tell whether particular analyses were assessed by the patients or the researchers. But below’s what they discovered, or a minimum of what they found as far as I might tell:

  • 131 topics, or 73.5% said they had actually minimized loss of hair.
  • 6.5% kept in mind thicker hair.
  • 15 asserted their bald areas boosted in size.
  • The mean daily hair development price additionally raised in 75% of the topics, from.39 to.44 mms each day. That part of the study was done by means of the tricogram analysis, so it’s certainly a lot more objective compared to the patient self-evaluations.
  • It likewise showed up that the percentage of relaxing, or telogenic hairs, lowered in near 75% of the people. I’m not exactly sure if the portion of expanding hair raised, but I would certainly visualize that’s most likely.

Potential Problems –  There are many. For beginners there was no sugar pill team associated with the research study. So some individuals probably experienced some degree of the popular placebo result, which can have boosted the total results. The approaches just weren’t clearly specified, either, as I kept in mind numerous times.

Conclusion – this is the largest Viviscal research study I discovered, and also in spite of its problems, it revealed that Viviscal has substantial capacity as a treatment for male pattern baldness.

7 Viviscal Advantages

  • Drug Free – Viviscal states on its web site that their supplements are drug totally free. They’re also largely made from all-natural components, like marine healthy protein oil, zinc, and biotin.
  • Doctor Approved – That’s a large one in my book. Viviscal is one of the few hair regrowth supplements that medical professionals and loss of hair experts suggest to their individuals.
  • 25 Years in the Market – That’s big, too. Viviscal is among the earliest loss of hair and renewal treatments readily available.
  • Clinically Proven –  The tests have actually revealed that it is effective, to differing degrees.
  • Can be Used with Other Treatments – Check with your physician first. However Viviscal is functional and might make a wonderful addition to your hair treatment or loss therapy program. It can likely be used with a wide range of various other interior as well as exterior hair development treatments.
  • Celebrity Approved –  We worship our celebs. And if they claim they take as well as obtain excellent results from Viviscal, I imagine they’re most likely telling the truth. Yet that recognizes.
  • Well-Tolerated – They take pride in an excellent security profile on their site. Side effects aren’t gone over much in the research studies I evaluated, however many people don’t appear to have problems taking it. Extra on the side results in a bit.

The 2 Major Downsides

Viviscal has way extra positives compared to downsides. Which’s one more Viviscal benefit. I’ve done lots of pro-con run-throughs on this site. As well as normally the negatives win the battle, however that’s not the instance with Viviscal. So that’s a favorable. Still, both strikes against Viviscal are considerable. They are:

  • It’s Expensive – This is really the biggest adverse on Viviscal. The approximate expense of the extra-strength formula is $27 to $40 (the cost appears to be highest on the Viviscal internet site, FYI). That makes it among one of the most expensive loss of hair services out there. More than common finasteride, and almost as long as brand-name Propecia.
  • Results will Vary – This hasn’t actually been studied lasting as for I can inform. And while it absolutely shows up to promote hair wellness, I’m not just how well the outcomes will stand up with time amongst those dealing with hair thinning or pattern loss of hair, especially.

Cheaper Alternatives (and Supplementary Treatment Options)

If you’re experiencing any type of level of pattern hair loss, man or lady, after that you need to aim to treat it both inside and also externally. Viviscal is an interior treatment, clearly. Other, less expensive, interior treatments you might consider making use of instead of or with Viviscal include pumpkin seed oil, saw palmetto, and also generic finasteride (for men just). All of those therapies are believed to lower DHT degrees in the body, and DHT is the main hormone responsible for pattern hair loss.

You might likewise supercharge your regrowth by using multiple therapies. Viviscal jobs differently compared to DHT-blocking and reducing treatments, so you could appreciate synergistic effects by combining numerous remedies. However check with your medical professional first. Sorry, I recognize I’m a broken record!

You have plenty of alternatives to enlarge and beautify your hair from the outside, as well. Minoxidl, frequently referred to as Rogaine, has actually been around for years. As well as if you persevere, there’s a great chance you’ll have favorable results. About 4/5 men maintain or regrow hair with Rogaine, as do about 60% of women. Rosemary oil is a natural alternative of types to minoxidil, prominent amongst both men and women. More doctors are beginning to recommend laser treatment for hair loss also, so that could be worth checking out.

Viviscal FAQs

What are the side effects of Viviscal?

It’s usually well-tolerated as I claimed previously. Few adverse effects were reported throughout the studies. I’ve seen a variety of grievances as well as evaluations online from Viviscal individuals suffering boosted acne. On their internet site Viviscal states that in their last five tests, which included 235 females, none reported skin problems. Weight gain as well as rest problems have actually likewise been reported. It consists of horset.

What are the contraindications?

You should not take Viviscal if you’re allergic to fish or shell fish, or if you’re pregnant or breastfeeding. Viviscal does not have gluten, wheat, eggs, nuts, dairy, or soy, yet they cannot validate that their manufacturing center is devoid of all those active ingredients.

How long until I see results? 

According to Dr. Alan Bauman of Bauman Medical, it commonly takes about 4-6 months for hair to become considerably thicker as well as much healthier with Viviscal. Damage and thinning often begin to decrease in months 2 and also 3 (source).

Will I continue to see results if I stop treatment?

Most likely not. Though I can not state that for sure. If your loss of hair was of the short-lived selection, then the regrowth can potentially be permanent.

What’s the difference between the male and female Viviscal products? 

Not all that much. There’s a tiny bit much more marine healthy protein extract in the men’s formula. The male variation doesn’t contain iron, which is probably great, given that males are usually suggested to prevent iron supplements (source). The male variation also has flaxseed in it, which is high in Omega 3’s as well as could aid nourish the hair.

Where to Buy Viviscal

The majority of the leading stores sell Viviscal, both online and in their shops. You could likewise buy it on the Viviscal website of course. It looks like their healthy and balanced hair club has some great offers. Yet if you’re simply looking to buy a solitary device of the Viviscal extra toughness, you’ll probably discover it for much less cash in other places.

If you’re interested, right here’s a link to get Viviscal for ladies on Amazon. And also right here’s a link to acquire Men’s Viviscal on Amazon.

The Verdict and Closing Thoughts

Whether or not you get Viviscal is s eventually your call. In my modest viewpoint, Viviscal is an alternative worth considering, at the minimum, thinking it fits your spending plan. I such as that doctors and also hair loss experts advise it to their individuals. To me, that’s a signal Viviscal is effective, a minimum of to some degree. The researches showed beneficial results, also, even with their constraints.

Extra: it’s most likely that Viviscal is one of the most effective ladies’s hair health as well as regrowth supplement on the market, as well as it appears that it can benefit men, as well. By integrating Viviscal with other hair growth therapies, you could see improved results and appreciate synergistic advantages.

There are less costly loss of hair treatments offered, no question– and you can find out about the most effective budget-friendly loss of hair therapies below. Will Viviscal benefit you? I can’t say for certain. But if you can manage it as well as you have sensible expectations, Viviscal could definitely be worth a try. Keep in mind, it will possibly be an excellent 5-6 months before you begin discovering any kind of regrowth. And your favorable outcomes, if any type of, will most likely discontinue if you discontinue the supplement. That concludes this Hair Loss Daily Viviscal evaluation. Do not hesitate to leave a comment if you have any kind of thoughts or concerns.

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