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Let’s Discuss Lewis Hamilton Hair and Treatment!

Lewis Hamilton, who has won the Formula 1 Championship five times, is a household name among racing fanatics. But Lewis Hamilton hair has been making as much noise as his racing skills in the recent times!

He isn’t one to unleash power only in the race circuits, as in the past few years, Lewis Hamilton haircut along with his vivid hairstyles and fashion sense have taken the world by storm.

Cool Accessories? Check!

Interesting Tattoos? Check!

And zany hairstyles? Check!!

So how is it that the five-time Formula 1 World Champion racer, who at one time was clearly suffering from advanced hair loss, is now sporting such vivid and quirky hairstyles? It was almost like a case of Lewis Hamilton bald prematurely for his young age at one point of time.

So, what did Hamilton do to get back his hair? Pills? Or a Lewis Hamilton hair transplant? Read away to find all the answers.

Lewis Hamilton Hair over the years

2006 – Prior to Formula 1 career

Back in 2007, before making it to the McLaren Formula 1 racing team, we could see glimpses of Lewis Hamilton hair loss. In fact at the age of 21, when he was giving an interview, it took no imagination to realize that young Hamilton was beginning to lose his hair rapidly, especially around the frontal region above his forehead.

2007-2012 at McLaren Formula 1 Team

Apparently, Hamilton hair was actually long locks which he traded for the short buzz cut before making his international debut with McLaren. The buzz cut might have aided in concealing his receding hairline, even better than the long hairstyle.

Even with this new Lewis Hamilton haircut, you could still see how scarce his hair was.

But by 2008, with his first win at Formula 1 World Championships, the issue of Lewis Hamilton hair loss became extra blaring. Pictured winning his championship, you can see the extent of hair loss.

From the looks of it, it’s apparently obvious that poor Lewis got his genes from his father (on the right) who also seems to have a spell of hair loss. Bad genetics, we guess!!

Hamilton’s age was just around 20 at this time, but the rate at which his hair loss preceded was super-fast and clearly heading to baldness. We are not exaggerating. Just look at his high hairline and that huge forehead! Anyone could say that Lewis Hamilton bald wasn’t far away!

Sadly, what followed was years of further intense and stressful time, with Hamilton being less successful in his stint with McLaren. We are sure the mounting pressure would have taken its toll, especially on Hamilton hair, as by the time his period at McLaren was drawing to an end, his hairline receded further and worse than before.

But all that changed with Hamilton making a switch to Mercedes. Within a spell of a few years, Hamilton had already won two another consecutive world championships with the team followed by another two. And that wasn’t all, his head was also much better than before, and we saw a good Lewis Hamilton haircut with enough volume of hair and coverage.

So, what exactly happened?!?

Now: Lewis Hamilton Hair Transplant Rumors

Presently, Lewis Hamilton is creating quite the buzz with his varied hairstyles which are way different from the close cut he had.

Just look at the different hairstyles shown above. It’s honestly a little fishy compared to the times when we almost saw Lewis Hamilton bald not too long ago.

Yes, Lewis Hamilton hair may not have been completely lost, but his volume was nowhere close to what we see now, nor was his coverage this dense, especially at the frontal region.

Take a look at the picture of Hamilton hair in 2012 and 2015. So what brought about this radical change?

The possible explanation could be regular treatments for hair loss such as finasteride and minoxidil to increase his volume. However, we must point out that such treatments are great at maintaining existing hair, increasing this much of hair volume is a little stretching, don’t you think?

This brings us the most likely explanation – that Lewis Hamilton hair transplant may be a possibility. A thing to note here though. Lewis is among the richest sportsmen ever in the world! So, the cost of a state-of-the-art hair transplant isn’t going to hurt him one bit.

Did you know that in the year 2015, Mercedes signed a 3-year deal with Hamilton which was worth £100 million ($130 million). Bonkers, right?!?

From the looks of Lewis Hamilton haircut, we would hint that Hamilton had a transplant surgery around the time between ‘13 and ‘14 Formula 1 season.

In 2013, Lewis Hamilton hair was still losing rapidly, with his hairline clearly receding. But by the end of Formula 1 season in 2014, it began to show a subtle transformation with his hairline slowly being restored to its original glory.

Normally it is well known that after a hair transplant, it takes a certain amount of time, say about 18 months for the results to come to its full fruition. The newly transplanted hair grows in about six months, coming to its full potential in a period of 18 months.

This probably explains Lewis’ daring and funky hairstyles which he began fashioning in 2015. Then, if we are to assume that Lewis Hamilton hair transplant was sometime around 2013, it fully explains him experimenting with new hairstyles in 2015.

Lewis Hamilton Hair Conclusion

Lewis Hamilton is a phenomenal global icon who rocked the world of professional Formula 1 racing. Credit to his international fame, he makes his presence at a lot of fashion shows, prestigious award ceremonies, and several other glamorous events.

His impeccable fashion sense and hairstyles have come a long way. The hair transplants definitely seemed to have aided Hamilton hair with his good looks and great hairstyles. From the looks of it, it is assumed that the racer might have opted for a Follicular unit extraction method of hair transplant, which can be explained with the absence of visible scar and good hair density. But that’s just our take on Lewis Hamilton. Do you agree with our findings?

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