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The truth about Cesc Fabregas hair transplant finally uncovered!

The stylish Spanish footballer Cesc Fabregas is one who hardly needs any introduction since his rise to fame with his stint in English Premier League matches with his club Arsenal. But keeping his footballing prowess aside, there was another interesting aspect which was gaining quite the attention; which was Cesc Fabregas hair. Or more precisely, if he’s got a hair transplant or not.

While he wasn’t exactly going bald or so, unlike many others in his fraternity, there were still signs of Cesc Fabregas hair loss that might have worried him.

Before transferring to Chelsea from Barcelona, there was definitely a change in Cesc Fabregas haircut owing to his receding hairline, which interestingly became perfect in almost a years’ time.

So, are stories of Cesc Fabregas hair transplant really true? Let us dive right away to find out.





Cesc Fabregas Hair before joining Chelsea

Cesc Fabregas was neither going bald like Wayne Rooney nor did he have a serious case of receding hairline. In fact, Fabregas hairstyle was decent with good coverage and volume. Looking at this picture, we can almost imagine Chez Fabregas taunting other players about his amazing head, full of thick black hair.

Cesc had a great career to boast about, but it probably came with a price, as the stress of pro league footballing or other causes got the better of him with his hairline bearing the brunt. By the end of his season at Barcelona, Cesc Fabregas haircut had changed and his hairline had receded to a small extent.


Fortunately, before the commencement of the 2014 season, he joined Chelsea for a whopping €33 million and an annual salary of €8 million, which we have to say is more than enough to splurge on a fantastic hair transplant.

Also, it is not that the idea of Cesc Fabregas hair transplant is too surprising. As we know in the world of football, many professional players have got themselves pretty amazing hair transplants with incredible results, be it managers like Antonio Conte, or players Like Wayne Rooney, etc.

It could have been mighty easy for one them to advice on a good surgeon to treat Fabregas hair, which is what we believe exactly happened before the start of the season.



After Cesc Fabregas Hair Transplant Story

It wasn’t just a new ‘Jersey’ we saw him after moving to the new team of Chelsea, but fans also saw a new Fabregas hairstyle.

But no, it wasn’t one of those dreamy haircuts like that of Beckham’s. Cesc Fabregas haircut was a simple buzzed look which coincides with the fact that most surgeons shave the donor and recipient areas in the scalp before the surgery, to make the process smoother and easier.

If you take a closer look at Cesc Fabregas hair, you can almost see the outline of his new hairline.


Photographed above is Fabregas giving a post-match interview after beating his old club, Arsenal. Look at all those small strands of baby hair making way around his temples.

It is well known that hair transplant takes some time to come to full fruition, the baby hair blooming near his forehead stands true to this. One can see the full result of transplants after a period of 18 months or so.

The Fabregas hairstyle we see kinda fits right into this timeline. Check the two pictures below in which the left one was snapped in the start of the season and the right one, which was almost to the end. There is a clear difference, right?

Conclusion: Cesc Fabregas Hair Transplant unsure

Cesc Fabregas hair may not be as bad as the hair loss of some of his contemporaries, who clearly were going bald. Though not severe, Fabregas hairstyle probably affected the footballer, to which he likely responded by opting for a hair transplant to correct his hairline. There seems to be a notable difference in his hairline in the before and aftermath; however, the evidence isn’t exactly conclusive. That’s our take on this whole thing. What about you? Do you believe the Cesc Fabregas hair transplant story?

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