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Has Jude Law had a Hair Transplant?

Jude Law has been subject to different rumors that he has had hair transplants. He is a well-known Hollywood actor. He has been on screen for quite a long time, and the viewers have noticed dramatic changes in his hair. He is believed to be suffering from receding hairline at different occasions. The photos of him from several years back express the Alfie actor with a significant hair loss. However, it still seems as if he has got ahead with full hair.

1999 – The early days

jude law hairJude Law became famous back in 1999. He featured in the talented Mr. Ripley that made him even more popular as he got nominated for several awards incorporating the award for the best supporting actor. In this show, Jude Law had lavish blonde locks that he scraped back using a gel. The film displayed reasonable hair of Jude Law with a minor recession. Jude Law was just 27 while filming as he was born in 1972. It determined that his age was not very high to suffer from hair loss. The makeup may have made some difference but sill it was pretty suspicious that Jude Law hair loss was inevitable. However, a few signs of hair loss could be realized. At this stage, Jude Law hair loss was close to Norwood 2.

2004 – Sexiest man alive

jude law hairlinejude law long hair

After that, Jude Law Hairline sneaked backward slowly. However, still, he was named as Sexiest Man Alive in 2004 by the People Magazine. Jude Law is regarded as the heart-throb of the Hollywood. It resulted in Jude Law being cast as disreputable women man Alfie back in the remaking of Michael Caine’s film in 2004. However, at this stage, it was quite clear that Jude Law hair was being lost. His receded hairline was pretty visible despite the best makeup and hair teams of Hollywood. At this stage, it seemed as if he had decent hair coverage and higher density in the hair. However, the bald spots were a lot bigger in Jude Law hair than they were back in 1999. He was still a lot attractive despite hair loss that made him named as Sexiest Man Alive.

Five Years later – 2009

jude law hair loss

During five years, Jude Law hair consistently creeps backward. Jude Law himself was well aware of that steady hair loss.

This encouraged him to wear hats more often to hide his hair loss from the audience. Hats never allowed him to look cool as he looks with his hairy head. His pictures with hair seem a lot more dashing comparing to the images with hats on his head.

Yes, his hairline has receded, but he still looks good!

And at 37 years old, it’s perfectly normal to have lost some hair.

But he’s an actor. And there’s a lot of pressure in Hollywood to look perfect.

But if he was worried about hair loss then, it was about to get a whole lot worse!

2011 – A bad hair year

Even at this time, he looked good despite the recession of Jude Law hairline. His age at this point was 37, and a hair loss is evident at this age. Law was an actor though, and he was under immense pressure to look perfect. He seemed worried regarding his hair loss at this stage.jude law hair loss

Jude Law long hair almost vanished during the year 2011. This year seemed a worst hair year for him as he even lost little hair at the front of his head. His pictures at a holiday in Cannes express that loss of hair. At this point, his hairs were believed to be at the Norwood stage 3. The hair behind the forelock and temples were significantly receded. It seemed at this point that Jude Law hairs were well on their way to Norwood 4 stage.

2012 – Miracle hair loss cure?

jude law hair transplant

Jude Law again became the center of attraction when he was spotted with a fairly decent amount and density of hair on his head at the 2012 Toronto International Film Festival. Jude Law was back with his hair although everyone could see the receded hairline which showed that he has been through massive hair loss. But the amount of hair increased then the last time that we saw in 2011. So some miracle might have gotten him his hair back.

2013 – losing ground (again)

jude law going bald

2013 was not a good hair year for Jude Law either. Watching Jude Law bald or almost bald yet again was astonishing for the fans. He was pretty much back to 2011 where he was nearly a Norwood 4. Well, let’s just assume that he might be a fan of short hair styling, so his hair is getting a bit weird. But Jude Law’s hairline has receded.

Present day – has Jude Law had a hair transplant?

Jude Law hairs have been a mystery since the 2000s. A year he is seen getting bald, and the next year you see him flaunting his hair back again. A photo from 2015 spiced things up as he was seen with hair yet. Some miracle might have happened to him. Rumor has it that Jude Law has undergone a hair transplant. Some said that he has been using some miracle medications or vitamin while some assumed that it was magic.

jude law hair transplant

Jokes apart, waiting so many years for a hair transplant is not something that Jude Law would have done. He could have got the hair transplant anytime sooner with ease. He has access to every top Hollywood cosmetic surgeon for this purpose. For a famous actor like him, money was never a problem at all. Besides that, the rumor was supported by the fact that ‘top up’ FUE hair transplants are opted by many celebrities in the recent time which involved the offensive and dynamic hair transplant techniques. You can get insight by reading an article on ‘top up’ FUE hair transplants. But in case of Jude Law hair loss, there are no chances of a hair transplant as his temples still lack hair. Having a hair transplant would have covered the whole head including the temples area. So rumors of Jude Law hair transplant might just prove to be the wrong one.

So what has he done to his hair?

Jude Law hairline has been gaining a lot of eyes as it is going backward and forward again and again. The primary reason could be the use of hair loss concealer products such as Toppik, Kerafiber, and DermMatch. The Hollywood actors and make-up artists have widely used the products. The primary reason behind this extensive use is the fact that these products make your hair look thicker under the lights. The audience likes shiny hair on-screen so most probably Jude Law has been using this treatment to derail his hair loss. The world is loaded with many hair loss treatments and remedies that can bring back the hair without the need of any hair transplant. So, Jude Law could have been using such medication to slow down the hair loss and grow his hair back.

jude law hair transplant

Giving a final thought to the question that if Jude Law had a hair transplant or not, our answer would be undoubtedly negative. He is using the natural means and other treatments to get his hair back, but hair transplant is out of the question as his temples still lack some hair. Although anything is possible in the future until now, he has not used hair transplant for his hair loss issue.

Jude Law hair transplant verdict: natural

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