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Charlie Sheen’s ‘Not-So-Subtle’ Hair Piece

Charlie Sheen, what a life you’ve lived. Truthfully, it’s remarkable you’re still active. Coke, meth, alcohol, and possibly a little chiba. Prostitutes, trios, and most likely a transsexual or two. Ah, the good life.

Well Mr. Sheen, I can’t say that I condemn you. You matured abundant and great looking with a god-given present for acting. The globe was your cashew. After that you began to lose your hair.

You looked to drugs and also the firm of midget prostitutes to hide the pain of your hair loss. I’ve never ever confessed this, yet when I underwent my loss of hair clinical depression, I might have Googled ‘midget woman of the street’ one or two times. Shedding hair actually does a number on us.

I’m embeded my residence for the next week or more and afterwards I’ll be putting on a hat for about 2 months. I had my 2nd hair transplant treatment just 2 days ago. Today, my head resembles a large torsed testicle. And I actually can not go outside without frightening the next-door neighbor youngsters.

I’ve understood for a while that you wear a hair system (hair piece for the layperson). It’s fairly obvious to my skilled eye. On a side note, among my eyes is practically totally inflamed shut. The price we pay for beauty.

Charlie Sheen

Charlie Sheen’s hairpieceFor me, Charlie Sheen, there isn’t much of a mystery to your hair. Your hair item is very dark, too thick in the front, as well as under specific light has a reddish tint to it. This is a dead distribute for a hair piece. I have no problem with anyone that opts to put on a wig. I’ve attempted one in the past.

I saw you out lately without your hair item. A lot of men keep a shaved head under their hair piece makings gluing the system to your head much easier and also maintains everything a bit cleaner. And now that you’re out ‘Two And A Half Men’, I think you might be considering a transplant.

Heading out without your wig makes me think you’ve pertained to terms with your loss of hair. I assume you would certainly be a wonderful prospect for a transplant. You’ve obtained dark, thick hair as well as mainly temporal economic downturn. At your age, you most likely won’t see far more loss of hair. You ‘d have a spectacular outcome.

Well that’s all I have to claim for today. My various other eye is currently almost entirely swollen shut as well as I’m composing this virtually blind. I’ll make sure to send you some photos of my pre as well as post transplant results. They should be great. Until then, please do not hesitate to send me any type of web-footed woman of the streets you ‘might’ know. This phase is very challenging and also an excellent web-footed prostitute may support me up.

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