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Enrique Has It All Except For Perfect Hair

Enrique Iglesias, you have all of it. You matured wealthy, you are darn great looking, you’ve obtained an incredible accent, and also a sexy partner (I really do not know if you’re still dating Anna Kournikova– I will not blame you if you’ve proceeded. Lure is an unpleasant mistress, am I right?). Lengthy boring tale short, Enrique you have whatever other than excellent hair.

enrique iglesias long hairEnrique Iglesias balding?I’m shocked your publicist never ever motivated you to check out a hair transplant. From just what I can inform, it does not look like you obtained one. It’s pretty apparent there is some economic crisis. You constantly use a hat, your hair is usually combed forward. It looks great, don’t get me wrong. However my heightened senses as well as years of compulsive training tell me that something is up. Your dad is hairless and also it’s most likely that hair loss will remain to afflict you. I understanding of you really. Well not that a lot. I would rather be you than feel sorry for you. And also, Propecia will halt your loss of hair and it appears that it might have currently functioned it’s magic. Yet you are in the public eye and it’s really not cool down to be losing your hair. Was Jude Law really the sexiest man active? We all recognize that was a scam.

enrique iglesias baldPay attention, Enrique, puedo hablar poco espanol. Entiende? In Spanish that means, ‘Hey man, I’m like you. We are awesome, appealing individuals as well as the world is our muffin.’ To elaborate, I assume you ought to think about doing something. You could sing like a bluebird and also you’ve obtained the face of a good-looking girl. Do not let it go to waste. Without hair that encounter will certainly not be so perfectly mounted. Plus you’re rather rich, so go obtain some job done.

Right here are some pointers (remember these are pointers for the filthy rich, like Enrique Iglesias):.

Go to a top hair transplant specialist. Strike me up and I’ll provide you with a list.

Have regarding 500 to 1000 FUE’s done per session, densely crammed in a tiny area simply before your declining holy places.

enrique iglesias hair loss

Keep your hair long. This will possibly set you back more considering that it’s more difficult to extract hairs without shaving.

Proceed the forward comb over till all the redness is gone.

Offer those babies regarding a complete year to expand in.

Repeat until you get the needed density. I would shoot for the moon on thickness. Why not? You deserve it.

enrique iglesias transplant

After that begin brushing that hair back and reveal the world your beautiful brand-new hairline.

Oh, as well as send me a look for regarding $50k. Create ‘Hair loss researcher appointment fee,’ in the memo location.

Adios Enrique. Buenos Suerte mi amigo caliente. That means remember number 8 on the list.

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