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The truth about Cesc Fabregas hair transplant finally uncovered!

The stylish Spanish footballer Cesc Fabregas is one who hardly needs any introduction since his rise to fame with his stint in English Premier League matches with his club Arsenal. But keeping his footballing prowess aside, there was another interesting aspect which was gaining quite the attention; which was Cesc Fabregas hair. Or more precisely,…

Is There Any Truth to Secret David Beckham Hair Transplant Rumors?

Даже те, кто не интересуется футболом, знают о Дэвиде Бекхэме. Это репутация, которую несет мужчина! Известный футболист своего времени, Бекхэм установил много рекордов и побед для своих клубов и страны. Но так же, как он известен своей удивительной игрой, он одинаково известен своими волосами. Но в истории, рассказывающей о пересадке волос Дэвида Бекхэма, произошел внезапный…

Is Tom Brady Losing His Hair, Again?! A Critical, Post-Superbowl Update!

Now it’s typical expertise that somewhere around 2010, Tom Brady probably had a hair transplantation. Currently, after Tom’s remarkable resurgence in Super Bowl 51, my message entitled The Top 10 Balding NFL Quartbacks (and Tom Brady’s Awesome Hair Transplant) has actually received a large rise of website traffic. People are wondering if Tom’s follicular luck…