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Pumpkin Seed Oil Shows Promise as a Hair Loss Remedy – A Review by Hair Loss Daily

The majority of natural hair loss treatments are rip-offs. It’s unfortunate however true. Pumpkin Seed Oil is different. It stands apart in the market as one of the most encouraging, all-natural treatments for hair loss.

In this post, I’ll evaluate the studies as well as study on pumpkin seed oil, which show up to recommend that it is an efficient option for loss of hair. I’ll also provide you with general use instructions, cite professional opinions, review the top-rated pumpkin seed oil products, as well as a lot more. Allow’s start.

Pumpkin Seed Oil for Hair Loss – The Basics

  • What Is It? – Rich and vitamins and mineral thick, PSO (pumpkin seed oil) is made from raw pumpkin seeds; it is offered in capsule and raw oil forms. PSO has actually been known for its recovery residential properties given that the 17th century, when it was first produced in Austria.
  • Exactly how Does It Work? The device that enables PSO to deal with hair loss is unidentified. However researchers believe that phytosterols, steroid substances similar to cholesterol, play a role (1 ). These compounds are recognized to inhibit 5-alpha reductase, an enzyme that motivates the conversion of testosterone to DHT. As you could know, DHT is the hormonal agent that is the main source of pattern hair loss. So, it shows up that pumpkin seed oil could work by lowering 5-alpha reductase as well as DHT degrees in the body. in a similar way to finasteride, AKA propecia.
  • Various Other Uses – Pumpkin seed oil is also reportedly valuable for prostate health and wellness, immune assistance (via zinc), treating some menopausal as well as diabetic signs, heart and liver health and wellness, and also a lot more (2 ). Dr. OZ is a fan, and he mentions PSO as one of his best-kept health tricks.

Pumpkin Seed Oil Study

The most considerable and detailed study on pumpkin seed oil as a hair loss therapy was a Korean research performed in 2014. It had 74 individuals; 90 were hired however 16 were excluded as a result of high liver enzyme degrees. Every one of the individuals had moderate to moderate instances of androgenic alopecia (male pattern baldness).

The Treatments

Fifty percent the individuals were given a placebo. The other half were treated with 400 milligrams of pumpkin seed oil pills daily. They took 2 100 mg capsules prior to breakfast, complied with by two even more prior to dinner.

Examination Methods

Phototrichography, a polarizing modern technology, was used. One of the most extreme site of baldness was examined in all the clients at standard. The facility of the photography system was placed at that website for all succeeding analyses. Hair matters were additionally done, utilizing 2 various lenses. Patients ranked their own hair regrowth too.


After 6 months, scientists concluded that 44% of the group taking the pumpkin seed oil had a minor or moderate enhancement in hair development. 51% saw no substantial changes, favorable or adverse. One individual (2.7%) saw his hair loss signs intensify slightly.

As you could anticipate, the placebo team really did not make out nearly as well. 28% had a lot more hair loss at the conclusion of the research study. 64% were unchanged. And in some way, 7.7% of the topics saw a slight or modest renovation in their loss of hair symptoms.

Hair counts were likewise much greater in the PSO-treated group. Concerning 3 times greater, actually. The phototrichographic analysis showed that, generally, the patients treated with PSO saw a 30-40% increase in hair counts, as compared to a 5-10% rise in the placebo team. Individual complete satisfaction rankings was also substantially higher in the PSO treatment team, compared to those who were given the placebo.

Prior to and also After Photos.

Pumpkin Seed Oil Side Effects.

The PSO was well-tolerated in the research study. One subject in the treatment team complained of a whole-body itching experience, as did one subject in the sugar pill group. To ensure that was a clean. As well as, one patient in the PSO-treated team did complain of some light abdominal pain.

The Verdict.

The researchers concluded that pumpkin seed oil could boost male pattern baldness; they also said it needs to be taken into consideration as an all-natural option to finasteride (Propecia), while noting that additional researches were needed (3 ).

Why haven’t there been even more PSO research studies?

2 factors.

  1. It’s incredibly expensive and time-consuming to carry out empirical, blinded, medical studies.
  2. This is my point of view: I’m not exactly sure the monetary reward exists. Obtaining moneying to examine all-natural loss of hair therapies could be a difficulty for scientists.

Possible Problems with This Study.

The before-and-after, photo results appeared a little suspicious to me– perhaps a bit also excellent to be real? Those 3 subjects saw quite impressive enhancements.

Likewise, this is one more huge one: the individuals were NOT provided pure pumpkin seed oil supplements. Instead, they were provided a supplement called Octa Sabal Plus, which has pumpkin seed oil, together with a range of various other ingredients. Those ingredients consist of mixed veggie, red clover, as well as tomato powders, along with corn silk and also evening primrose powder. Currently, night primrose powder is additionally considered as a reliable all-natural hair growth remedy. It’s not one of one of the most prominent choices, however individuals have reported success with it.

This begs the question: Did the participants in this study have success as result of the pumpkin seed oil alone, the evening primrose power, or did all the ingredients contribute? I cannot say for certain. Yet PSO was the only component listed in the research study’s title– so I imagine the scientists believe that’s the active component.

Finally, the PSO dosages provided in the research are an additional location of problem. People were only provided 400 mg each day. 500 to 1,000 mg is the most typical, advise dose array I’ve seen. Some individuals have actually also reported taking 2,000 mg each day, specifically in the very early phases of treatment.

Pumpkin Seed Oil Vs. Propecia

Pumpkin seed oil and also finasteride are 2 of the most preferred, inner loss of hair treatments. Finasteride is generally regarded as the most effective, most reliable alternative on the marketplace, without a doubt. Yet many people are hesitant to take it, primarily due to the small risk of lasting sexual negative effects.

That’s where all-natural alternatives been available in, like pumpkin seed oil as well as Saw Palmetto, which is in some cases considered Nature’s Propecia. No research studies have actually contrasted finasteride as well as pumpkin seed oil that I’m aware of.

However, in a two-year study, finasteride was compared to Saw Palmetto for the treatment of male pattern baldness. It is thought that both saw palmetto and also PSO may function in a similar way, by decreasing DHT degrees in the body.

There were 100 individuals in the research study. 38% of individuals in the Saw Palmetto group saw a rise in hair development, whereas 68% of those treated with finasteride kept in mind a renovation (4 ). So, the saw palmetto team saw some significant regrowth over the 2-year duration, but the finasteride group eventually had far better outcomes.

Compliance can be a problem with finasteride, though. A 3-year, UCLA survey of 1261 guys is typically pointed out. It located that of those 1,261 respondents, just 414 males (or about 33%) stuck to the medicine long-lasting. 297 guys (or about 24%) discontinued the medication after between 3 and 15 months, mentioning inadequate outcomes. The remaining 549 males were shed to follow-up (5 ).

Supplementary Treatments

You wish to treat loss of hair both internally as well as on the surface, preferably. Pumpkin seed oil seems a powerful, all-natural, interior treatment choice, although it’s long-term efficiency has yet to be established.

Yet PSO probably will not work with its own. That’s why integrating PSO with a topical hair loss treatment such as minoxidil could be your ideal strategy. If you prefer sticking to all-natural options, rosemary oil is a prominent, all-natural choice to minoxidil. Laser treatment, PRP, and saw palmetto could also deserve considering, yet consult your physician first. You shouldn’t use Propecia or finasteride with pumpkin seed oil, unless you have consent for your medical professional.

Pumpkin Seed Oil FAQs

What are the side effects and also counter-indications of pumpkin seed oil?

I couldn’t discover any kind of reliable short articles that detailed the adverse effects or contraindications of pumpkin seed oil. It’s normally well-tolerated based upon everything I’ve read so far. However if you’re expectant, nursing, or you’re having surgery in the future, you shouldn’t even take into consideration taking PSO without speaking with your doctor initially. And you ought to discuss any brand-new supplements you’re considering with your doctor, no matter.

Should I take the oil or capsules?

Clients took PSO capsules in the aforementioned research. Dr. Josh Axe, a noticeable conservationist, suggests taking 1 tablespoon daily as a loss of hair supplement (6 ). Ultimately the option is yours.

How much time will it take to work?

It seems like lots of clients start seeing outcomes at around the 6-month mark, possibly a bit earlier. No renovations were noted at three months in the 2014 research study.

What dosage should I take?

Dosage recommendations seem to differ commonly. In the Korean research, individuals took just 400 milligrams of pumpkin seed oil– 200 mg, two times daily. The majority of the top products seem to be in the 500-1,000 mg variety.

What the Experts Say

It’s unlikely that numerous loss of hair experts or skin doctors suggest PSO to their people. I looked, I couldn’t discover any type of. Hair loss experts want to recommend tested hair regrowth options, like finasteride and also minoxidl. There’s no proof, at this point, to recommend that PSO is a reliable, lasting hair loss remedy. Long-lasting is the keyword there.

However the very early research is promising. Even Dr. William Rassman of BaldingBlog, that is typically really skeptical of natural as well as non-FDA accepted hair loss therapies, was encouraged by the 2014 PSO research study (7 ).

Also, it ought to be noted that lots of hair loss specialists do prescribe Saw Palmetto to their clients. The ISHRS, or International Society of Hair Restoration Surgeons, discovered in a 2015 member survey that 18.7% of the participants either always, usually, or in some cases suggested saw palmetto (8 ). As well as PSO appears to contend the very least as much possibility as Saw Palmetto.

There have been a couple of even more research studies on Saw Palmetto as a loss of hair therapy. It’s been a recognized asset for longer. My guess is that’s the primary factor that physicians suggest it much more regularly compared to they suggest PSO.

Naturalists, on the other hand, love pumpkin seed oil! Dr. Josh Axe notes it as one of 6 tricks to reversing hair loss, in addition to omega-3 fatty acids, adaptogenic herbs, b-complex vitamins, zinc, as well as the abovementioned saw palmetto.

Top Pumpkin Seed Oil Products

Note– be cautious when picking a supplement. The market is really uncontrolled. The top quality and also strength of supplements could differ extensively among brand names. Stick with trusted, trustworthy brands and also you should not have any major issues.

  • Now Foods Pumpkin Seed Oil – Now Foods has been around given that the 60s and also it has an excellent credibility mostly. This appears to be the most preferred pumpkin seed oil product on Amazon presently.
  • Swanson Pumpkin Seed Oil – Another popular, costs, supplement brand name. Great evaluations, resembles a quality product.
  • La Tourangelle Toasted Pumpkin Seed Oil – One of the top-rated, normal oils offered. Tastes excellent over salads, pasta, bread, as well as extra. Outstanding replacement to butter. Many individuals likewise just take a tablespoon or two per day for their hair health and wellness.

Pumpkin Seed Oil for Hair Loss – Conclusion

If you’re frightened of Propecia, pumpkin seed oil could be a sensible and also sensibly efficient choice. It could assist treat your loss of hair from within, like Saw Palmetto, one more popular and similar treatment option. For how long will it work? The court’s still out. However the very early research is appealing. It’s not going to be a miracle remedy, as well as it might do nothing for you– so have sensible assumptions. With all that claimed, pumpkin seed oil could extremely well be a beneficial enhancement to your hair loss treatment program.

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