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Should You Follow Joe Rogan’s Hair Loss Advice?

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Joe Rogan is an excellent role-model for any individual seeking to welcome baldness. He’s passionately opposed to all hair loss therapies, even though he took minoxidl, propecia, as well as had multiple hair transplantation as a boy. “Shave it, bitch” is the suggestions he usually supplies to the baldness guys that call him– and also they contact him constantly! Is Joe using good recommendations? Should you just man up as well as bid farewell to your hair permanently?

Not always! I’m mosting likely to tell you why I disagree with Joe, and why I think he’s so adamantly versus dealing with hair loss.

Embracing baldness is the best option for lots of men, especially those that are experiencing a serious, hostile situation of early-onset male pattern baldness. If you’re destined to appear like Dr. Phil, battling loss of hair could be a tough fight.

Aggressive hair loss frequently calls for more powerful therapies, like Propecia, which properly targets the source of hair loss by reducing DHT levels. An extremely tiny portion of people have reported experiencing long-lasting sexual side effects with this medicine. That’s the downside! As well as if you take Propecia religiously, it’s not mosting likely to quit your hair loss completely or permanently. Another negative.

Anyway, allow’s get down to the nitty-gritty.

Why Is Joe So Opposed to Treating Hair Loss?

I’ve viewed a few of his youtube tirades on the subject, one of which I’ll install at the bottom of this article. Based on exactly what I’ve listened to, I theorize that Joe has 4 key reasons for opposing loss of hair treatments:

A Lot of Dudes Look Good With Shaved Heads– Joe absolutely does! In fact he believes he looks better with a cut head compared to he made with hair. I cannot differ with him there. No question, Joe satisfies all the appearance good bald parameters that I’m conscious of. And so do many various other guys. Valid point. Touche, Mr. Rogan.

He Was Very Unhappy with His Hair Transplants– Joe regards his hair transplants as one of his greatest mistakes in life. He has a big scar, which is visible primarily since he shaves his head, as well as he states the transplants never looked great to start with. The hair transplant industry was considerably more corrupt as well as unregulated back in 90s, when Rogan had his transplants. And also he couldn’t do his due diligence using the web like individuals can today. So he had rotten luck with his transplants, however that does not suggest you will! That would certainly be my retort to point # 2.

He Views Treating Hair Loss as a Waste of Time and Money– This is definitely a valid point, even though many people would disagree with it. Once more, I assume his sight is biased to a significant degree with this one, given that he had a bad experience with his hair transplants and his attempts at treatment generally. Nonetheless, treating hair loss requires time, dedication, and also loan. So touche once again, Mr. Rogan.

He Approaches Hair Loss Like an Action Hero! Seriously, he’s entirely torn and also he’s obtained a quadruple black belt in Brazilian jujitsu or some spunk like that as well as he has a particularly outstanding collection of abilities. Hair would certainly just get in his way. He has no requirement for it. Perhaps you do not either, where instance, you have absolutely nothing to worry about. You may also like this post: 19 Ways to Approach Hair Loss; The Action Star, The Monk, The Lazy Sitcom Dad, The Country Singer, as well as 15 More!

joe rogan with hair

So Yeah, He’s a Little Biased Against Hair Loss Treatments

But hey, we’re all prejudiced in myriad means, so I’m certainly not slamming Joe. He had aggressive loss of hair, which I think had currently advanced a fair amount before he hopped on Propecia. I’m unsure what Norwood pattern he has now, yet I would think he’s a type 5 at minimum.

Joe’s fight against hair loss was eventually unsuccessful as well as very disappointing for him. That does not suggest yours will certainly be, thinking you prefer to fight your hair loss genetics. Maybe you simply have some light economic crisis and also thinning going on. Lots of people aren’t destined to be as hairless as Joe or Dr. Phil as I discussed previously.

As well as if your baldness is of the moderate to moderate selection, and also thinking you catch it early, you might discover that treating your hair loss is quite simple as well as hassle-free. There are also methods to fight hair loss on a spending plan. As well as aggressive, very early hair loss, like Joe experienced 20 some years earlier, is much more treatable today than it was then.

Bitch, should You Just Shave It?

Certain, why not! It’ll expand back, at the very least generally. You might as well figure out once and for all if you’ll look good as a hairless guy. You can treat it later (or currently) if you intend to; shaving it won’t transform your diagnosis. Eventually I believe Joe is an awesome instance for balding men everywhere, as well as living proof that bald men can squash it in all elements of life.

As comedian Bill Burr Says, go out there and also hit on ladies that are supposedly way out of your organization as well as swing for the fucking fencings! I concur. The globe is your own for the taking, hair or no hair. You could hear the Joe Rogan podcast absolutely free right here. Currently, for your watching satisfaction, right here’s a video of Joe reviewing his ideology on taking care of balding.

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