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The Bald Truth Revealed – 8 Country Stars Who Hide Hair Loss Behind Their Cowboy Hats

At one factor I attempted to come to be a nation songwriter. That really did not exactly work out. I stopped working really. But I’m familiar with the majority of the top stars in the style, the Chesney’s, the Bryan’s, the Bentley’s, and more. I’m also somewhat stressed with balding, so undoubtedly I’m the guy to inform you that’s hiding bald spots or thinning hair behind their cowboy hats. Ready? Alight, let’s manage my little doggies.

1. Kenny Chesney

It’s obvious that Kenny is a hairless male. He looks good as well; he doesn’t have to hide behind that damn hat regularly in my modest point of view.
It’s no secret that Kenny is a bald male. He looks goodtoo; he doesn’t need to conceal behind that damn hat constantly in my simple viewpoint.

2. Jason Aldean

Just some relatively mild thinning for Jason. Kind III on the Norwood Scale would certainly be my evaluation. Though I have seen it look worse compared to this in various other pics, but he does not take his hat off really typically.
Simply some fairly light thinning for Jason. Type III on the Norwood Scale would be my analysis. Tolerable for a 40ish dude. Though I have actually seen his hair appearance worse compared to this in other images.

3. Cole Swindell

Only in his very early 30s, Cole is probably the baldest nation crooner on my checklist. He hardly ever removes his hat, possibly forever factor. That was mean, I apologize. A great buzzing could be the ticket.
Only in his early 30s, Cole is perhaps the baldest nation crooner on my list. He seldom takes off his hat which celebrates his al mom mater, Georgia Southern University. Still a good-looking, talented guy. A good humming could be the ticket, or he could just keep truckin’ with the round cap.

4. Zac Brown

Zac Brown, bald and also bearded, wonderful musician, moderate songwriter. That’s simply the opinion of this failed nation songwriter. I had not been from the south, or religious, and I really did not understand how to network. Those are my excuses.
Zac Brown, hairless as well as bearded. Excellent combination, constantly. Zac’s an impressive musician as well as moderate songwriter. That’s just the viewpoint of this unsuccessful country songwriter. I had not been from the south, or religious, as well as I really did not know ways to network. Those are my reasons. Zac appears trendy. I believe everyone knows a bald man that appears like this.

5. Garth Brooks

Garth has been receding given that he initially burst into the nation scene in the late 80s. Incredible performer as well as singer. Close Friends in Low Places is the very best nation celebration track ever. Period.
Garth has been receding as well as thinning given that he initially burst onto the nation scene in the late 80s. Extraordinary entertainer as well as singer. “Friends in Low Places” is the very best nation celebration tune ever. Duration.

Tim McGraw, Alan Jackson, Toby Keith & More!

So yeah, I’m tired of posting images, yet all these people show indications of male pattern baldness, based on minority pics I’ve seen of them not wearing caps. Nothing horrible, most likely regarding standard for their particular ages. They may also have a bit less hair loss compared to the ordinary 50-something man. I understand McGraw isn’t really rather 50 yet, and also he’ll take off his cap for film roles and award programs from time to time. Norwood type 3 with some moderate thinning for McGraw, similar to Aldean– that ‘d be my evaluation.

I believe Eddie Montgomery of Montgomery Gentry is likewise hairless. Not sure if they’re still about, though. Guy they had some awful songs back in the day. Exactly what do ya consider that? I assume that tune sucks! His little brother John Michael is additionally hairless (and also pointless). Good singer though. See his mugshot listed below, it’s a good one!

I swear by the moon and the stars and also the skies, John is hairless. Norwood 5 I ‘d say. I liked that tune, I Swear, specifically the other variation that bi-racial kid band did. All 4 one, right? With a 4. Brings me back in time, to my junior high school dances, not dance, stress, unrelenting hormones, as well as acne, lots of fricken acne.

Lee Brice

I’m rather sure Lee Brice had a hair transplant. So he’s not concealing his hair loss any longer! He debuted his brand-new locks on The Voice if I’m not mistaken. In previous video and also appearances, on the rare celebrations when he removed the cap, he showed the timeless “island” range of balding, a la Richard Nixon, Judd Law, Sting, Johnny Knoxville, and so on. His transplant looked terrific from what I saw, so helpful for him!

Still Questionable

Dierks Bentley’s hairline has annoyed me for many years. Okay I’m exaggerating. Sometimes it looks fantastic, but usually, it resembles it’s receding simply a bit.

Additionally, any kind of male nation that frequently wears a hat might potentially be hairless or baldness. The cowboy hats typically aren’t truly en-vogue anymore from what I’ve gathered. If they’re putting on one, there’s a likelihood they’re concealing something. I’m certain I’m missing out on some young male singers who sport stetson– but yes, if they use a hat, there’s a likelihood they’re shedding their hair. Brad Paisley is an exception as well as has an excellent head of hair, so he truly should ditch that silly cap!

Yes, Blake Shelton Still Appears to Have All His Hair

I’m sure you were wondering about your beloved Blake. Provided, he shows up to show a fully grown hairline, not a straight-across juvenile hairline, like exactly what’s that guy’s name has … Chris Young. Chris Young likely has the exact same hairline now that he had when he was 10-years-old. That’s very uncommon for a 30-something Caucasian man, and it’s potential he’ll keep that hairline for the remainder of his life. Blake might still go bald, ladies. A man has about a 40% opportunity of balding in his 40s. Blake is 40. The chances will raise to at the very least 50% when he hits the huge 50, so who understands just what the future holds.

The country vocalist is just one of 19 best ways you can approach loss of hair– and also it’s a rather awesome strategy, I must say! If you’re going hairless, putting on a hat will certainly not only conceal the trouble, it will offer your face a frame– and that’s substantial, especially if you’re a pasty or uncommon looking fellow. On the other hand, lots of men look good hairless. And also who knows, you could be among those fortunate men!

Did I miss any type of balding nation stars in my listing? Which among these balding men looks best without a hat? Do you believe any of them should consider treating their hair loss with transplant, minoxidil, or Propecia? Leave a reply or ask a question about loss of hair if you feel like it in the remark section.

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