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The Shocking Truth About Wayne Rooney Hair Transplants

Wayne Rooney, the pro footballer who is also the record goal scorer for the England team, is definitely a household name in the soccer fraternity. But did you know that there was a case of advanced Wayne Rooney hair loss and subsequent hair transplant, which he declared himself on Twitter?

Many celebrities and soccer stars have, in fact, opted for hair transplant, but only few have been open and candid about it like Wayne Rooney. Interested to know about the details of the surgery like how much it cost or where it had been done?

Fret not, as we have got some exciting info about this great footballer and the receding Wayne Rooney hairline detailed out in this article. Let us dive right away.


Wayne Rooney Hair Before and After Transplant

2002- Debut with Everton

wayne rooney hair

Making his premier league debut against Tottenham in 2002, Wayne Rooney was destined to march ahead in his career with his glorious footballing talent. Also, as you can see from the photograph, Wayne Rooney hair was impeccable with the absence of any signs of impending hair loss.

Becoming Everton’s second youngest player by joining the league at just 16 years was a dream come true for the young Wayne. He made it through his first season at Everton without much hair related woes, and by 2003, his football career came to fruition with him representing his country at the international stage.

This is a picture of Rooney at age 17; and by it, you can see his youth shine through his eyes and also Wayne Rooney hairline was pretty decent with normal volume and coverage.

wayne rooney hair transplant

On the fateful day of 6th September 2003, Wayne Rooney became England’s youngest-ever goal scorer by scoring a great goal against Macedonia in the 2004 Europe qualifiers. And for the young star, there was no looking back, as he was quickly snatched up by a bigger club, the Manchester United.

2010 – The advent of Wayne Rooney hair loss

rooney hairline

This was a crucial time for the star as around the 2010 season, Wayne Rooney hair loss was at its peak.

Rooney hair was clearly losing at a rapid pace; you can almost see his scalp with only sparse hair covering it. Though some brave it, clearly he didn’t want to go for the Wayne Rooney bald look. He was obviously sad about the issue mentioning it in his autobiography about going bald at the age of 25.

He may be a pro footballer with a large amount of money to his name, yet we can’t help but feel bad for the young star.

But unlike many celebrities, Wayne wasn’t one to shy away from his hair loss, as in 2011, he tweeted on social media, addressing it and admitting to rumors of Wayne Rooney hair transplant.

And we have to say Kudos to that!! Though many might have guessed, it was nice to have a celebrity come forward and be candid about it. The frankness about Wayne Rooney hair transplant inspired a whole number of soccer stars like Antonio Conte, Slaven Bilic, Cesc Fabregas, etc., in getting hair transplants for themselves.

wayne rooney hair before and after

Making his appearance after his first hair transplant at Euro 2012, we can see Wayne Rooney hairline already improving, though not to its full potential. Normally surgeries take some time before the onset of full result. The region around his temples and forehead already show a stark change, improving from the last time.

But it wasn’t just that one single hair transplant, as Rooney, if reports are to be believed, went under the knife one more time around 2013 to thicken his hair. Here is a picture of Wayne in 2014, almost a year after the second transplant.

You can see Wayne Rooney before and after his hair treatments, and he looks pretty great for a guy who had advanced hair loss at such a young age.

rooney bald

But even with hair transplant in place, it appears that there is something more in work that gives Rooney such density and coverage. What do you think it might be?

Wayne Rooney hair transplant details

Wayne Rooney had both his hair transplants done at the Harley Street Hair clinic in London.

Looking at Wayne Rooney hair, we can guess that he definitely had the FUE method of hair transplant as we don’t see any visible scar even with his short buzzed hair.

wayne rooney before and after

The Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) method, which is increasingly used nowadays, is a bit expensive and time-consuming, but it leaves minimal scarring and also gives better results as opposed to FUT or Follicular Unit Transplantation method. By looking at Wayne Rooney hair before and after, we are sure it’s gotta be the FUE method.

Cost of Wayne Rooney hair transplant

This brings us to the next question, how much did Wayne Rooney transplant cost?

Normally there isn’t a fixed rate, and the costs are variable depending on the surgeon, the method of hair transplant, and last but not least, the number of grafts. If a person has a high hairline or just a small bald patch around the temples, it may cost less as compared to a person who is clearly going bald.

At Harley Street hair clinic, the price for 3000 grafts which is over 7000 hairs over two sessions can be approximately around £15,000. Looking at pictures of Wayne Rooney before and after, he may have got around 3000 grafts in two sessions or so. Mostly, we are looking at a figure of around £15,000 – £30,000, which for a star footballer isn’t much.

Was hair loss still plaguing Wayne Rooney?

wayne rooney before and after hair

Taken during the 2016 European Championships after a match with Iceland, this picture stirred up quite an attention from both fans and media. Almost three years after the famous Wayne Rooney hair transplant, this was the state of Rooney’s head. So what exactly happened?

This is where we want to share a small but important snippet about hair transplants. Yes, they do give thicker hair and coverage, but what they don’t do is prevent your existing hair from falling out. By glancing at Wayne Rooney hair before and after transplant, it appears that his hair is falling out from elsewhere other than the transplanted area, meaning even if the new hair grafts are in place, his old hair is falling out.

wayne rooney hair plugs

In order to rectify the issue, doctors recommend hair transplant patients to take hair loss drugs such as Propecia which helps in maintaining existing hair. But, since the drug affects hormone levels in one’s body, it is almost implausible for a footballer to take it, especially for ornamental purposes. So, sadly Wayne taking Propecia is out of the question.

Is Wayne Rooney using hair concealer?

rooney new hair before and after

In the two photographs above, you can see the stark difference in Rooney’s hair density, but did you know that the two snaps were clicked just with a day of difference?!? So, it is pretty much clear that Rooney uses hair-loss concealers to mimic thicker hair and create a false look of density.

Wondering what concealers are? They are just small fibers resembling one’s hair color which are speckled around the real hair to create an illusion of thickness. From the picture of Wayne Rooney before and after, you can see that they are pretty effective; but there is a downside, as they are just a temporary fix.

Wayne Rooney Hair Loss and Treatment – Conclusion

Now that we have seen the transformations with Rooney hair transplant, we looked back and wondered if Wayne was a suitable candidate for the treatment. He had issues of hair loss right from a very young age which, with time, only got worse.

Second, being an athlete who was playing football, taking hair loss drugs like Propecia which induce a bit of hormonal changes, was never a choice.

Lastly, we all saw that it wasn’t just a case of Rooney bald look, his overall coverage and hair volume were pretty low too. Meaning, even the donor area did not particularly have great hair; so even with subsequent transplants, his hair density remains just decent and not too thick.

But hey, the outcome isn’t that bad. Comparing the images of Wayne Rooney hair before and after from 2009, it sure looks different and better now. The hair transplant surgeries which Wayne had gotten before had around 3000-4000 grafts, which if you remember his bald look back then, isn’t much. But, still, it is a welcome change.

The low grafts also give him the opportunity to have another hair transplant surgery, which given today’s technology, may even give him a better result. Surgeons may have similarly advised Rooney to opt for concealers to give an illusion of thickness rather than rushing to a hair surgery given his young age.

Maybe with time and depending on how Wayne Rooney hairline goes in the future, he can opt for a third hair transplant.

rooney hair transplant before after

No matter what, we are glad that Wayne Rooney came forward and accepted that he had hair transplants, alleviating the common stigma associated with hair loss treatments. Also even with concealers, we have to agree that Rooney looks much better and the hair transplants have definitely helped the footballer to score some good looks!! Would you agree with us?

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