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Forget About Matt Lauer’s Crimes, Let’s Talk About His Hairline!

So whenever a hairless or baldness celebrity turns out to be a deviant or perve of the unacceptable selection, I’m thinking I need to do a short message regarding their hair loss. And, I intend possibly I’ll throw in a quick tirade concerning the said celebrity/public number while I’m at it.

Matt Lauer’s the current casualty of the great Hollywood Purge of 2017 as well as the topic of this blog post.

He’s been balding because prior to some of you balding teenagers were even birthed.

These days, he rocks the shaved design with swag as well as class.

Well, today, perhaps not so much. The former “Today Show” host’s online reputation is shot and he’s not likely to ever be a noticeable figure in the American journalism/morning show world. It seems that like Harvey Weinstein, Kevin Spacey, Mark Halperin, and others, Lauer is a little bit kinky and twisted and also he liked to use his position of power at NBC to sexually and properly daunt his staffs.

He grabbed Katie Couric’s butt, and enhanced Meridith Viera’s.

Is matching a female’s evaluate not also alright anymore?

I presume not!

Such habits was thought about kosher in 1985– heck, also 2005!– but it’s not today. So be careful around, gents!

Back to Lauer’s Balding

He’s been balding since ’97 when he landed the “Today Show” job, very easy– and also the procedure possibly started when he remained in his early 30s. So he was type of a late bloomer on the MPB front, given the fact that he’s possibly a strong Norwood 5 or two at this moment.

Below is an image from one of Lauer’s early tv jobs at CBS Boston, from 1988, when he had to do with 30 years old.

His hairline kind of jumped around a little bit during his tenure at NBC. This was likely just due to stylistic and/or item adjustments, as his hair thinned gradually every single year. Some have actually reported he used hair fiber products– as well as their old-school equivalents, like that absurd hair-in-a-can stuff they utilized to market. Others believe he rocked a wig.

I’m not convinced, directly. Like Larry David, who famously never flirted with a toupee, I think Lauer just allow his locks slim naturally– the manly means, some would suggest.

Could He Have Saved His Hair?

Propecia, the popular, effective, as well as debatable loss of hair drug, appeared in the United States in 1997, prior to Matt’s hairline reached the point of no return. In fact, he still had good protection at that point. So yeah, if Matt took Propecia from the start, I would certainly say there’s a good chance he would certainly have a complete or relatively complete head of hair to now.

Minoxil and laser therapy would be options also. And also naturally, great hair transplants are entirely undetectable to the nude eye.

Can He Save His Career?

Never say never ever. This is America, a Christian country as well as the land of 2nd opportunities. Our team believe in forgiveness below, do we not ?!

Actually, F It. Lauer is salute! Do not sexually harass individuals in 2017, children. The even more you know.

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