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Will You Look Good Bald? Five Ways to Know

Not every person is a great prospect for a shaved head. That’s just the unfortunate reality, despite the fact that some individuals want you to believe or else. Chances are, you’ll look decent bald. Nevertheless, there is a tiny opportunity that you’re in the unfortunate minority, which you have no business buzzing your head, ever– like me.

To find out once and for all if you’ll look good bald, keep reading!

In this article, I’ll review the 5 methods to know whether you’ll handsome as a hairless guy. I’ll also give you some free pointers on the best ways to look your best, assuming you have the guts to ditch your mane. First, look into the picture below.

Both extremes. Bruce Willis and Butterbean. Which one looks more like you? Bruce has a perfect head shape for a shaved head, portable as well as manly. Butterbean does not look all that bad either for a large guy, actually. Going on …

The Five Factors To Consider

Whether you look handsome with a bare scalp will mostly be contingent on the following:

1. Your Head Shape

This is variable # 1, obviously. The 9 most common head shapes are oval, rounded, square, heart, triangular, inverted triangular, rectangular shape, ruby, as well as oblong. Image listed below.

Yes, I realize they’re butch females, not hairless men, however you understand. Photo credit scores: Gurl (resource).

I ‘d say the heart and oblong faces possibly look the most awful cut, though there are exceptions. Some guys with oval-shaped heads have a distinct, “egg head” look when they buzz off their hair. That’s commonly a bad look.

And also finally, if you have a conical head (i.e. an uncommonly high crown) like I do, then maintaining some hair on your dome is recommended, if possible. The majority of males have suitable head forms. If you’ve ever before reduce your hair very brief and also looked good, after that you’re possibly fine.

I would look something like this with a shaved head. Not good.

2. Head Symmetry

This is rather straightforward. Nobody has a perfectly symmetrical head, however if the attributes on each particular side of your head as well as face– ears, cheek bones, brows, and so on– are primarily congruent, after that you’ll possibly have no issues rocking a bald head.

3. Your Skin Tone

Generally, tanned guys look better bald than those who are pasty or albino like. Why? Dark skin conceals defects as well as various other irregularities more effectively compared to light skin. That’s why black men practically always look good bald.

I know the PC authorities may follow me for that last point, but that’s alright, I could take it.

You’ll have less margin for error if you’re pale, yet you can still look hot bald, I guarantee you. Case in point: Bruce Willis. Jason Statham isn’t precisely a tan other, either. However if you’re a pasty man and planning to shave your head, including a little pink to your color will most likely assist your reason.

4. Your Physical Condition

As I mention in my short article showcasing the top 12 dating tips for hairless men, staying in shape is important! t can assist you compete with your more follicly honored peers. The bald as well as uber-successful comedian Bill Burr agrees with me, by the way.

What can I say.

Females enjoy the feel of a slick-bald head in between their … you know.

But just if the slick-bald head comes from an in shape person!

Some beefcakes can carry out the ringinged look, granted. However ideally, you ought to aim to stay in form if you’re going to keep your dome bare. Excess weight could build up in your face as well as neck or else– which additional girth will certainly be far more visible without your hair. You do not need to get torn, you just want to prevent getting fat, ideally.

Take control of your psychical wellness. It’s one of the 10 points you absolutely MUST do when you realize you’re going bald.

5. Your Skull “Abnormalities”

Does your head have unusual heights, valleys, damages, or slopes? Mine sure does!

As well as if you’re like me and also your head shape resembles Mr. Conehead’s, then buzzing off your locks is likely not your best choice. Which’s all right.

You have a variety of declining hairline designing choices to consider– as well as naturally, there are hair loss therapies offered if you’re interested, such as minoxidil and also finasteride. Keep in mind that your facial and also head scarring, if suitable, will additionally be more conspicuous if you cut your head.


Before You Bust Out the Clippers…

Here are a couple of suggestions to help you look your absolute finest as you start this trip …

1. Consider Leaving Some Stubble

Perhaps take it down to a # 1 guard instead of shaving all of it off totally. Whether you have a fully grown hairline or you’re a full type 6 (e.g. Louis CK) on the Norwood Scale, a little bristle can make a huge distinction.

2. Pay Extra Attention to Your Facial Hair

A well-groomed beard or goatee could make up for your absence of hair elsewhere. So if you’re going to sporting activity facial hair, make sure it’s clean and also crumb-free.

3. Hit the Gym a little Harder

This can not be emphasized sufficient. Fit bald individuals are constantly sought-after with the ladies. This is optional, yet remaining in shape will enhance your confidence as well as your level of viewed manhood. Without question, remaining fit is just one of the most effective methods you can deal with hair loss.

4. Accessorize

Once again, you probably do not want everybody to concentrate solely on your bald head, even if it looks fantastic. A good set of glasses could delight– even if you do not require them. Non-prescription lenses are dirt cheap. Buy some cool tones while you’re at it.

You could likewise take a hint from some of the globe’s best country singers, that hide their baldness behind cowboy hats.

Not a cowboy? No fears, neither are they! Naturally, a routine round cap will certainly work just fine, as well. As well as if your closet’s out-of-date, provide it an upgrade.

5. Find Bald Inspirations and/or a Mentor

Just do some fundamental Google Image searches. See if you can find attractive bald dudes with your head shape, and also take motivation from them. Or consult from a certain, well put-together hairless male in your area. Opportunities are you can find a number of hairless advisors at your local gym.


Breaking it Down by Race

The best-case scenario: You look something like one of the individuals on this poster! A lot of races are represented below.

What % of Men Look Good to Decent Bald?

All these numbers are approximate. Yes, this is the second politically wrong area you’ve reviewed in a row, as well as there’s one more heading! I’m on a roll. Here goes. I would state:.

  • 97% of black men look amazing bald– that’s why a lot of black individuals with complete heads of hair elect to cut it all off!
  • 87% of Latinos look great to alright without hair.
  • 80% of whites.
  • And also 75% of Asians– No crime meant. It’s just some hairless Asian guys give off an unique “monk” vibe. If you’re Asian, you’re a lot less likely to go full-on George Costanza, to ensure that’s fortunately.

Another Worst-Case Scenario

You Look Like a Cancer Patient...

When weakly, pale, white individuals shave their heads, they can, sadly, resemble cancer cells individuals in some cases. However of course, you can repair that issue by obtaining right into form. Eventually, exactly what’s even worse: resembling you’re on chemo or appearing like Prince William? I have no idea either.

Yet if your loss of hair is actually leaving hand as well as you’re rocking a sloppy-looking Prince William or David Axelrod-like style, cutting all of it off might be your ideal option, despite how white or weak you are– and even if you’re sporting one of the five worst head shapes for bald males.

Image credit: ABC News. Political analyst David Axelrod. Some males are just dealt a negative hand, as well as they have no fantastic choices. If that’s the instance for you, as Joe Rogan says, you should most likely allow your hair go. In time, you’ll discover how you can adapt your style to match your hairless head and optimize your look. There’s no reason to shake a miniaturized combover!

Closing Thoughts – Will You Look Good With a Shaved Head?

The only way to know for sure is to try it. Face your anxiety.

I ‘d claim most of guys look perfectly fine bald.

Certain, they could lose a point or 2 on the looks range, however that’s alright– men don’t need to be very! A smaller sized portion of people look great to outstanding hairless. If you were handsome with hair, you’ll possibly be handsome without it, too.

Then, ultimately, approximately 10-15% of us have no company buzzing our heads, ever before. We’re the unlucky minority, as I said previously!

Allow’s cover this up. Undoubtedly, there are lots of benefits to embracing loss of hair– as well as fortunately, there are effective hair loss therapies readily available for coneheads like me. Do you agree with the look good bald criteria I set forth in this short article? Do you think you’ll look amazing or awful with a cut head? Leave a remark and also we’ll contrast notes.

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