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Has Bradley Cooper had a hair transplant?

Think of the charming Phil from The Hangover or the unhinged Pat in Silver Linings Playbook. Bradley Cooper’s career was defined by such iconic roles. Now, do you think he would have landed these roles had his hairline been receding? It is obvious that the charming man has avoided such a fate. This definitely makes us wonder – What has he been doing to keep his hair flawless? Did Bradley Cooper have an infamous hair transplant like many other celebrities?

Bradley Cooper Before Hair Transplant

bradley cooper hairstyleBradley is now a sensation and everybody knows him. But this wasn’t always the case. Cooper acted in several low-budget movies and played returning characters in multiple TV shows.

Have we ever seen Bradley Cooper bald? No, never. But, his hair was definitely not as thick as we see it right now. Especially on the front.

bradley cooper hairlineLook at Bradley Cooper’s hairline during the Nip/Tuck Season 5 première right here.

This was in 2009; and 1974 was the year this dreamy hunk was born, making him around 34 years old at the time.

Though Bradley has a done a good job of holding on to much of his luscious hair, we can’t help but see the obvious signs of typical male hair loss. Bradley Cooper hair loss was a real thing at this point!

The receding temples are so obvious from the picture above, right? So, was Bradley Cooper balding? Well, this is absolutely normal for any 34-year-old; Hollywood demands a little more than just your average man.

There is a world of a difference from then and now, right? But, what changed? The receding hairline seems to have pre-ceded or un-receded (if these are even words). Now, he is easily a Norwood stage 2, or maybe even a stage 1.

The million-dollar question is, how did he do it?

According to this article, Cooper is most probably consuming Propecia.

Propecia is essentially a drug prescription for hair loss treatment that aids in preventing Testosterone from converting into the more potent DHT, or dihydrotestosterone. DHT is infamously known as the prime cause for hair loss in males.bradley cooper hair piece

However, it’s been known that Propecia can only help in maintaining and holding on to your existing hair, and cannot aid the growth of any new hair. It is very unlikely that this was what changed his hair game completely.

Bradley Cooper Hair Transplant – After

bradley cooper hair transplantAt the moment, Bradley is at his peak. He has it all. His hair is completely worthy of a leading man. Many of Bradley Cooper hairstyles and hairdos are what guys crave for.

So, that makes us all speculate for a minute. Is the story of Bradley Cooper hair transplant real?

The hair transplantation methods are almost undetectable these days. We now have superior FUE methods which involves extracting individual hair follicles with the help of local anesthetics which are then implanted into the areas which are going bald. There is usually no scarring and the results are often very natural.

When celebrities with almost no hair do it, everybody notices. Take Jeremy Piven’s hair transplant. He went straight from a slick bald head to a full head of hair! That raises some eyebrows for sure. Bradley Cooper probably got something right, his transformation is subtle and almost unnoticeable.

bradley cooper baldingUnless you are a big hair loss geek, you probably won’t notice thinning locks. Celebrities get “top up” FUE procedures each year so that the transformation is almost completely imperceptible.

I would go so far to place my bets on this miraculous procedure that gives Bradley his youthful and flawless hair. The change may be very subtle, but nearly impossible to achieve without going under the knife.

I mean, look at him today. No flaws, no abnormal hairline, perfect density or signs of miniaturization.

It is no secret there are treatments that slow down hair loss and even some that can thicken up the hair. But, re-growing such luscious locks is nearly impossible, and surely did not happen without some external help. Is there any truth then to the rumors of Bradley Cooper hair plugs?

Not denying that Bradley may well be using some kind of short hair piece or using concealer all the time to protect his thinning hair. A hair transplant though, seems like a better solution.

The procedure actually produces natural results that are permanent and without side effects. The major drawback or con is the cost of the procedure. But then, for a worldwide Hollywood sensation like Bradley, that is hardly a cause for concern.

None of us will ever know the truth without Bradley admitting it on his own. However, I can tell you for certain that if I were a leading celebrity and looks were of utmost importance to my profession, I would consider a hair transplant without blinking twice.

bradley cooper before and after

All we can say right now is that Bradley Cooper is looking wonderful and that whatever he has been doing is working for him. So, kudos to you Mr. Cooper!

Bradley Cooper hair transplant verdict: 1500 grafts FUE

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