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Steven Seagal: Hair transplant? Wig? Black paint?

Steven Seagal’s is one of the world renowned actor in his early 1980 had the most captivating hair that was long hair that covered head scalp. Rocked out the acting career not just acting but also looks. And since then, it’s just got weirder and weirder. Just what exactly is going on with Steven Seagal’s hair?

1980s- Steven Seagal hair loss

steven segal hair

seagal hair

Seagal is just about the only guy who could challenge Donald Trump for the title of world’s weirdest hair.

And like Trump, it’s a bit of a mystery what exactly is going on with it.

One thing we do know for sure: Steven Seagal was heavily balding during the 1980s.

It was arguably no man of such an age would have that kind of scalp cover.  How he maintain it wouldn’t be comprehended.

Early 1980’s Steven Seagal’s hair looks in his first years of acting.

Late 1980s astonishing loss of hair leading to baldness attention required through concealer.

Steven Seagal’s hair type was admired across several countries. But in the late 1980s around 1988 there was noticeable hair loss along the hairline of Steven Seagal. It looked to be thinner than earlier and few within the scalp.

Steven Seagal hair transplant

is steven seagal bald

steven seagal fake hair

Baldness was rising out from the forehead. And his looks started to change all that was in the limelight of the public since was an actor. It was a major concern why such an actor with a span of less than 8 years how would he greatly loses their most admirable natural hair. Was he aging out that first? Or was the scalp not that strong to withstand the size cover and also strength of the hair? These were the most unanswered question in the mind of the audience. But the most surprising time was in 1991 second film, his looks had change from baldness. To a more covered scalp whose hair has gained its turgidity.

Hair transplant + concealer

How would he be able to regain his hair within a span of less than four years? What was he doing to be able to restore the scalp beauty within minimal time frame? It would have probably through a concealer. That would help the hair look more since it increased the hair strand volume. Making the remaining hair increase in mass and darker in color.

steven seagal hair transplant

Actor slowly regains his earlier scalp look through concealer but needs hair transplant for the hair line.

steven seagal hairpieceThe concealer never provided a platform for growth of new hairline on the scalp. Since wouldn’t be able to restore the Steven Seagal’s hair line loss. Massive hair loss counts was especially at the forehead. Thus it was necessary for him find ways of regaining the hair line. Bald foreheads are associated with aging thus wasn’t a best gesture to his audience as a renowned actor of then times. He needed to undergo hair transplant. In the early 1990 he underwent hair transplant through the then time technological facilities. Scanty hair would be traced along the hairline whose intention was to solve baldness. But they looked weird as shrubs across. It was the most disgusting look his forehead looked artificial.

The actors (artificial hairdo) look since it’s darker, thicker than normal.

Hair transplant was based on plucking your hair from one part of the head to another. Steven Seagal concern was only transplanting to his balding forehead. Thus transplant couldn’t have added hair counts but changed the facial appearance from the hair line. He needed something that would ensure that hair volume regained. Thus had to also use the concealer frequently. Which ultimately change the hair color and also its density. Though never looked that natural was able to hide his baldness it looked like he was wearing a stitched hairdo cover “wig”. This would ultimately raise questions on his marital status. An actor who is a man highly concerned on his outer appearance. But it’s justifiable he is an actor changing scenes from one play to another through scalp look.

steven seagal hair

Steven Seagal hair transplant verdict: 4000 grafts FUT (+ a load of concealer)

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