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Rosemary Oil for Hair Loss – Seriously, Does It Work?! A Review by Hair Loss Daily

You’re doubtful of chemicals. And also you’re terrified of Propecia. I get it. You’re seeking a reliable, all-natural hair regrowth solution– and rosemary oil could very well be your ideal alternative. Seriously! Let me describe.

Rosemary oil is just one of minority all-natural hair loss treatments that isn’t a snake oil. A lot of the supposed treatments won’t quit and even slow your hair loss for a second. Rosemary oil is different. It’s popular amongst both males and females. It’s been studied, as well as very early study seems to indicate that it can stimulate hair growth. In this in-depth rosemary oil review, I will:

  • Explain the side effects.
  • Review the studies on rosemary oil in plain English.
  • Compare rosemary oil to other hair regrowth treatments like minoxidl.
  • Evaluate the top rosemary oil products on the market.
  • Offer general usage instructions.
  • Review a few of the most popular rosemary-based regrowth formulas.
  • Give my educated and unbiased opinion on Rosemary oil.
  • And Much More.

Let’s begin.

Rosemary Oil for Hair Loss & Rejuvenation – The Basics

Just What is Rosmeary Oil? Stemmed from rosemary, a fragrant periwinkle hedge, rosemary oil is a preferred all-natural treatment understood for its recovery residential or commercial properties as well as luring scent.
How Does it Treat Hair Loss? Rosemary oil is believed to function similarly to minoxidil, by reinvigorating hair follicles that are thinning or damaged.
What are its Other Uses? Naturalists additionally mention rosemary oil as a remedy for discomfort, skin wellness, and also as a memory aid.

The Studies

A 2015 research study carried out on 100 men compared the effectiveness of Rosemary Oil vs. the performance of 2% Minoxidil, also called Rogaine. The results were unexpected. The rosemary oil option was located to be as effective as 2% minoxidil. Clients in the rosemary team likewise experienced much less negative effects compared with the minoxidil team.

After 3 months, neither group revealed substantial improvements in hair growth. But after 6 months, researchers concluded that both treatments significantly enhanced the hair counts among the men.

The One Caveat (And It’s a Big One).

Many males apply a 5% minoxidil item two times daily, not a 2% service, which is exactly what the men in the abovementioned research used. The 5% formula is commonly taken into consideration to be the most powerful as well as efficient minoxidil formula on the market. A 48-week, 2002 research study showed that 5% topical minoxidil was “plainly remarkable” to 2% topical minoxidil (resource). 45% even more regrowth was observed in the 5% team. That’s a lot of regrowth! So, in my point of view, it follows that rosemary oil is NOT as efficient as 5% minoxidil.

Second Rosemary Oil Study.

One more research was carried out on mice. It wasn’t exactly conclusive. However it located that the topical administration of rosmarinus officinalis leaf remove boosted hair regrowth in mice who experienced loss of hair as a result of a testosterone therapy. They pumped the bad mice full of hormonal agents, basically, that included varying levels of baldness. Scientist wrapped up the rosemary was a “encouraging crude medicine for hair development” (resource).

Study on Essential Oils and also Alopecia Areata.

Alopecia Areata is one more typical kind of loss of hair. If without treatment, it can result in finish loss of hair on the scalp, and in some extreme cases, the whole body. This 1998 research showed that important oils were 29% even more reliable in treating the problem, compared with a placebo (source).

The energetic group made use of vital oils, including thyme, rosemary, lavender, and also cedar wood, combined into a mixture with 2 provider oils, jojoba and also grape seed. They massaged the solution into their scalps daily for 7 months. The researchers concluded that aromatherapy was a “safe as well as efficient treatment for alopecia location.”.

Once more, this had not been precisely a conclusive research study, but it shows rosemary oil’s possibility as a loss of hair therapy if absolutely nothing else.

Adverse effects.

Rosemary oil is generally well-tolerated. Its adverse effects are primarily dermatological and also include scalp inflammation, redness, and molting.

Rosemary Oil Vs. Other Hair Loss Remedies

Rosemary oil won’t help your follicular cause if you currently resemble Larry David. But if you still have some hair up top that’s thinning or declining, it could be a helpful therapy option.

While rosemary is not likely to solve your hair loss issue on its own, it could be an efficient enhancement to your therapy program. I’ve yet to find across a much more promising, all-natural, topical remedy for loss of hair. It’s not likely to function along with 5% minoxidil in my point of view. And Propecia is still the most efficient therapy for hair loss on the market at this time. But if you’re reluctant to use minoxidil or Propecia, and you’re on the light end of the Norwood Scale, Rosemary oil could be an outstanding option for you.

Combining Rosemary Oil With Other Treatments

You ought to talk with your medical professional before integrating multiple loss of hair remedies ideally. That said, rosemary oil can likely be used together with a variety of other, efficient, tested loss of hair treatments, including laser treatment, Propecia, as well as PRP.

You might also create your personal, important oil hair growth formula. More on this later on. But quickly, rosemary oil is usually incorporated with various other important oils for hair health and regrowth; those oils include lavender, cedar timber, and thyme.

2 supplements could be worth taking into consideration too: Saw Palmetto and also Pumpkin Seed Oil– researches have actually shown that both of these supplements can reduce hair loss and promote regrowth. They’re amongst the top all-natural loss of hair therapy alternatives right now. Viviscal, stemmed from an aquatic protein facility, is one more all-natural hair loss supplement that reveals promise.

Utilizing a derma roller may likewise slow down your hair loss progression to some degree.

Top 3 Rosemary Oil Products

I considered numerous listings and evaluations of numerous rosemary oil products. These 3 rosemary oils all had 600 testimonials or even more as well as had 4.6 star ratings, as of February 2017. Also, the brand names that manufacturer them appear to have excellent online reputations mostly (very important). Below are my top 3 products:.

  1. Radha Beauty Therapeutic Grade Rosemary Essential Oil.
  2. Majestic Pure Rosemary Essential Oil.
  3. NOW Foods Rosemary Oil.

Keep in Mind – The supplement as well as necessary oil markets are notoriously unregulated. The top quality, consistency, ingredients, and formulation approaches made use of to produce each item could vary extensively. Acquisition a respectable brand name and also you must be great. And also if you have favorable results with a particular rosemary oil item, it would probably be a good idea to persevere.

How to Use Rosemary Oil

Many people like to make use of rosemary oil with a carrier oil. Doing this will help reduce side effects. Jojoba oil is perhaps one of the most popular provider oil. You ought to include regarding six decreases of essential oils per each ounce of Jojoba oil (resource). Coconut oil and also olive oil are two other preferred provider oils.

There are plenty of rosemary oil hair growth “dishes” readily available online. Some individuals choose to develop their own blends, making use of a variety of crucial oils. Others administer their treatments one at a time, utilizing around 2 tbsps of a carrier oil with about 5 decreases of rosemary oil.

Popular Rosemary Oil Hair Regrowth Recipes

I did some digging and located what appear to be some high-quality rosemary oil blends. Right here’s what you’ll need:.

  • A Measuring Cup.
  • As Well As a Plastic Bottle with a sprout, which you’ll put your mixes into.
  • That’s it, pretty straightforward!

Recipe 1: Dr. Josh Axe’s Essential Oil Regrowth Formula

This one seems to have a lot of shares, so it might be worth having a look at. Dr. Josh Axe is a kept in mind as well as sometimes questionable biologist. His vital oil hair regrowth formula (click link to sight) contains the following:.

  • 1 1/2 ounces jojoba oil.
  • 1 1/2 ounces grapeseed oil.
  • 30 declines cedarwood oil.
  • 30 decreases rosemary essential oil.
  • 30 declines sage necessary oil.


Axe suggests putting the jojoba and grapeseed oils into a jar initially. Then you add the vital oils and also cap the lid. Shake the materials intensely! He claims to apply the crucial oil formula generously right into the scalp and also hair, damp or dry. Then you leave it in your hair for at least 20 minutes, or “longer if you can.” Some also leave it in over night, while wearing a shower cap or towel to stop stains. You can do this therapy either everyday or 3 times each week.

Recipe 2: The Scientifically Backed Essential Oil Solution

This is the formula they made use of in the 1998 research, which revealed that rosemary oil was a safe and also efficient treatment option for alopecia areata. It includes all the same active ingredients used in Dr. Axe’s formula, just in various amounts, plus thyme oil. Here is the formula:.

  • Jojoba oil, 3 milliliters.
  • Grapeseed oil, 20 millileters.
  • Rosemary oil, 3 declines (114 milligrams).
  • Lavender oil, 3 decreases (108 milligrams).
  • Thyme oil, 2 decreases (94 milligrams).
  • Cedarwood oil, 2 declines (94 milligrams).


In the research study, the vital oils were applied through a scalp massage therapy, for a minimum of two mins. A warm towel was applied later, in order to help promote absorption. The research really did not define how much time the patients left the treatment in for. Clients were advised to make use of the exact same scalp massage therapy as well as soft toweling each evening.

Recipe 3: The Hot Rosemary Oil Treatment

This seems luxurious! Looks quite straightforward to do, as well. The warm will assist open your pores and nurture your roots. It will aid you accomplish the lush, healthy and balanced hair you’re after and possibly turn around some damage. Right here are the active ingredients:.

  • Coconut oil, 2 teaspoons.
  • Castor oil, 2 teaspoons.
  • Rosemary oil, 4-5 decreases.


First you’ll warm the provider oils (coconut as well as castor) in a little frying pan, on a reduced fire. Take care! You don’t want to get too hot the oils– if you do that, you could see smoke! Then, simply include the 4-5 drops of the rosemary oil. You may want to utilize a glass or metal container to hold the warm rosemary therapy. Give it a fast stir with a spoon as well as massage therapy it into your scalp. Allow it sit for a good 15 minutes or two after application. You could try this warm rosemary method one or two times a week. You might want to shampoo and also condition your hair after application.

Recipe 4: Basic Rosemary Treatment with a Carrier Oil

This is a really simple one as well as perhaps a good beginning dish for a lot of you. You could add various other ingredients later on if desired. It has.

  • Rosemary oil, 5-6 decreases.
  • 2 tbsps of a carrier oil. Jojoba is a good option, as are coconut, castor, and also olive oils.


Mix the rosemary with the service provider oil. Jojoba is in some cases taken into consideration the very best provider oil for hair loss, though opinions differ. Offer yourself a detailed scalp massage and leave the treatment in for at the very least 20 mins, after that wash. Showering and conditioning your hair after that is usually advised.

7 Rosemary Oil Benefits

  1. Affordable – It most likely will not cost you greater than a couple of bucks a month, even if you utilize it consistently.
  2. All-natural – If you don’t such as the concept of massaging chemicals right into your head, rosemary oil deserves thinking about. It resembles it’s a rather practical and effective option to minoxidil.
  3. Antibacterial – rosemary oil is used to treat as well as stop dandruff, flaky skin, and various other problems that may lead to hair autumn.
  4. Anti-Inflammatory – Inflammation is a significant source of undesirable hair and also skin. Rosemary oil could help reduce inflammation normally purify your scalp.
  5. Few Side Effects – Most people tolerate rosemary oil without any issues.
  6. Healthier Hair – Even if you’re not going hairless, you will delight in more powerful, silkier, as well as much more lovely hair by treating it with rosemary oil.
  7. Stimulates Growth – Rosemary oil could aid reinvigorate your weak as well as thinning hair roots.

The Downsides

  1. Unproven, Long-Term –  How long will rosemary oil halt or reduce your hair loss? There’s no way to respond to that inquiry with assurance. Time will certainly inform exactly how efficient it remains in the long-term.
  2. May be a Hassle – Mixing important oil formulas, letting them rest, rinsing as well as repeating, connecting out new recipes, etc., all could result in aggravation. It could not deserve the problem for some of you.

Rosemary Oil Review – Closing Thoughts

My Take on Rosemary Oil

I’ve thoroughly assessed rosemary oil as a hair loss treatment, its safety, and its effectiveness. Inevitably, I think 5% minoxidil is a much better, much more reliable alternative. That claimed, I understand many people do not like the suggestion of massaging chemicals right into their scalps day-to-day. And as far as all-natural, topical, loss of hair treatments go, rosemary oil is most likely one of the best, otherwise the very best, all-natural remedy readily available.

It most likely won’t help slow or stop your hair loss totally. It likely won’t. However speak to your doctor. Ideally you must combine the rosemary oil with a proven treatment, like finasteride or laser therapy. However you might additionally consider including even more supplements to your program. Saw Palmetto and pumpkin seed oil both appear to help battle male pattern hair loss, so those supplements are certainly worth considering. Ringing your head bald is a flawlessly feasible program, also!

Exactly what are your ideas on rosemary oil? Is it worth attempting, in your opinion? Feel free to share your thoughts and also experiences in the comment section.

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