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The Top 10 Balding NFL Quarterbacks & Tom Brady’s Awesome Hair Transplant

Generally every quarterback in the NFL is 40 or younger. Males have roughly a 20% possibility of experiencing male pattern baldness in their 20s, a 30% possibility in their 30s, 40% in their 40s, and so forth. Which quarterbacks of are of the unfortunate, baldness selection? I’m concerning to tell you, and I’m doing this without the approval of that balding a-hole commissioner, Roger Goddel. Ideally I do not get taken legal action against. Allow’s get started.

The Top 10 Balding NFL Quarterbacks

In no particular order.

1. Andrew Luck

A diffuse thinner, Andrew Luck is most likely to be an extremely bald male in the not-too-far-distant future if he doesn’t begin treating it soon. The frontal hairline looks fairly stable in the meantime, however I would certainly guess he’ll have a large bald spot on the back of his head, at the minimum, by the age of 30. He can look like Dr. Phil then– that’s really feasible.

2. Kirk Cousins

Unbelievably, I saw a quote from Cousins himself stating something along the lines of: I really did not recognize I was balding until I had my head cut. Truly? Bro, your hairline returns to your ears practically! He looks better with the bangs, in my opinion. I guess Kirk has a lot more pushing issues to attend to compared to his hair loss, like staying clear of mental retardation and also understanding Gruden’s playbook. Prior to my alopecia passion took hold, I keep in mind watching a game of his while he was in college at Michigan State as well as thinking he was revealing indicators of early hair loss. Think I’ve always had a good sense of instinct about these issues.

3. Carson Wentz

This is not a good image of Carson Wentz. However he’s plainly thinning around the edges of his hairline. It appears his hairline is now u-shaped, which is relatively regular in cases of very early loss of hair. I’ll be interested to see just how his situation establishes over the next few years. His loss does not seem particularly hostile at the moment, however his hereditary destiny is still an enigma. To be continued.

4. Drew Brees


Drew Brees has been thinning as well as receding for many periods currently. Though his loss seems to have actually stabilized a little bit in recent times. I don’t think he has any kind of crown thinning. He’s still most likely just a kind 3 on the norwood scale. Good guy, I’m a follower.

Drew Brees (left, duh) has been thinning and receding for several seasons now, though his loss seems to have actually stabilized a bit over the last few years. I do not think he has any significant crown balding going on all at once. He’s still probably just a type 3 on the Norwood Scale. Possibly a 4. Hero, I’m a fan.

5. Dak Prescott

Dak Prescott shows up to reveal thinning at his hairline edges. I’ve seen it look a lot worse than it carries out in this image. He could be heading for a class 4 pattern on the Norwood Scale, as the thinning appears to go back a ways. Sometimes his hairline inexplicably completes, it seems. He could make use of some sort of hair paint every so often, like Jamie Foxx and also Lebron (apparently). Will wood guy Romo take his work from him? It shows up not likely right now!

6. Blake Bortles

Blake is revealing signs of early, agressive loss of hair. I would not be surprised if he winds up with a Norwood class 6 pattern on the Norwood scale by the age of 30. He might not still be in the league at the factor at the price he’s going. I believe he’s thinning at the crown too.

Blake is showing indicators of early, hostile hair loss. See just how hairline looks “chewed out”? That typically spells trouble. I would not be surprised if he winds up with a Norwood class 6 (horseshoe-like) pattern on the Norwood range by the age of 30. He might not still remain in the league at the point at the price he’s going. I think he’s thinning at the crown also.

7. Brian Hoyer


Mr. Hoyer is the only quarterback on the listing that rocks a hairless head. Matches him rather well. I believe he already has a Norwood 6 or 7, Dr. Phil like variety of balding. And also then lots of males go with the tidy look.

Mr. Hoyer is the only quarterback on the list who rocks a hairless head. Suits him very well. You could find out if you’ll look excellent hairless in this post. At 30, I think he already has the Norwood 6 or 7, Dr. Phil like variety of balding. As well as then numerous men select the clean appearance. Jay Cutler is a terrible quarterback likewise on the Bears (and to be reasonable Hoyer might in fact be worse). But Jay has a definitely elegant hairline. 5 celebrities.

8, 9 & 10: Roethlisburger, Roethlisburger’s backup, and Matt Shaub (I think He’s Still in the League)

Yeah, I’m sure I missed a few, as well. Big Ben shows up to have a mild, u-shaped, declining hairline to me. Not that large of an offer. His backup is also balding if I’m not mistaken. As Well As Matt Shaub has the twin-runway temples similar to his previous coach Gary Kubiak had.

How Brady Beat Hair Loss

By now most NFL fans know that Mr. Deflategate himself, Tom Brady, had a hair transplant a couple of years ago. Most likely. It can not be confirmed beyond a shadow of a doubt. I think Tom’s papa had a type 6 Norwood pattern. Tom had some relatively noticeable thinning going on back in the late 2000s, and now he’s just got a typical, perhaps also somewhat lower-than-normal mature hairline. Anyway, he looks great. Below are a pair before-after shots.

His hair shows up noticeably thinner in the first and 3rd photos. He looks a little like Fabio in the fourth one!

UPGRADE! Many individuals have actually read this article for info regarding Tom’s loss of hair (or lack thereof), after his legendary comeback in this year’s Superbowl. If you’re one of those people, be sure to take a look at my newest article: Is Tom Brady Losing Hair, Again ?! A Critical, Post-Superbowl Update!

Hair Loss Treatment Options for Pro Athletes?

I was thinking about this other day. I would imagine that most professional athletes don’t wish to alter their hormones with a medication like Propecia. Medicines like that might also be prohibited in their contracts, I don’t know. So pro professional athletes could certainly have transplants if they intend to, but if they went the transplant path, the majority of physicians would certainly recommend them to take Propecia in order to protect against additional hair loss down the line. Maybe some could take it, I’m unsure. I guess PRP, minoxidil, as well as laser treatment are the three other finest loss of hair avoidance therapies, so those would all be options.

Wrapping it Up

Concussions and commercials are the two biggest troubles with the NFL. Agree or differ? Seriously, the back-to-back commercials after the touchdown as well as added factor make me wish to throw my damn beer at the TELEVISION every time, without fail. As if the video game isn’t really slow enough!

Anyway, those are the leading 10 balding NFL quarterbacks by my evaluation. Did I miss anyone? Carson Palmer, perhaps.

And also that do you think will win the race to baldness? I’m banking on Bortles.

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