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Is Tom Brady Losing His Hair, Again?! A Critical, Post-Superbowl Update!

Now it’s typical expertise that somewhere around 2010, Tom Brady probably had a hair transplantation. Currently, after Tom’s remarkable resurgence in Super Bowl 51, my message entitled The Top 10 Balding NFL Quartbacks (and Tom Brady’s Awesome Hair Transplant) has actually received a large rise of website traffic. People are wondering if Tom’s follicular luck is beginning to run out, once more!

Several of the terms people are searching for include “Tom Brady loss of hair” and also “Tom Brady balding.” So allow’s attend to the topic. His hair has looked amazing for years. Take a look at the pic below, which features 4 shots of Tom, before and also after his meant hair transplant.


So yeah, he looked wonderful, appropriate?

However his papa is a bald guy. He looked unbelievable after the (likely) transplant. Today, perhaps he’s not making use of a drug like Propecia– which I envision he would certainly be inclined not to make use of as an expert athlete, however I could be mistaken. And if he’s out any kind of drug, after that it’s certainly possible that he’ll adhere to in his father’s follicular footsteps.

All that stated, I don’t think Tom is balding, personally. And I’m something of an expert; you could assess my tale as well as credentials on my Start Here page.

I’m a Seahawks fan. And even though Malcolm Butler and also Daryl Bevyl, the Seahawks’ inept offending coordinator, damaged my heart in Superbowl 49, I don’t harbor any ill-will toward Brady. Finest quarterback ever before. Finest NFL gamer ever before, maybe. And also I don’t wish balding on him or any person, so I’m certainly not biased below.

Sure, his crown looked a little thin, possibly. I believe that had not been almost as negative as it appeared, offered his brief hairstyle as well as wet, perspiring hair. We all have cowlicks, as well, naturally.

As well as yeah, his hairline edges looked a little on the wispy side as well. However there were no concrete, alarming indicators of serious balding, in my humble point of view.

Numerous elite athletes want to PRP (platelet-rich plasma), a treatment that makes use of a clients own blood, to combat their numerous injuries and also clinical problems. PRP is an efficient therapy option for hair loss also, so I envision Tom may consider a treatment this off-season! Or otherwise, I don’t know. I’m offering him the advantage of the uncertainty below, I do not believe he’s going hairless (once again). I would certainly say he still has a rather solid mature hairline. What do you believe? Cast your vote in the comment section.

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