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What Early or Mild Hair Loss Looks Like, With 10 Celebrity Examples

Stars are just like the rest of us! They grow older, go bald, start taking Viagra, as well as eventually pass away. Certain, many celebrities are follicly honored, or they obtain hair transplantation. However some simply allow their locks shed naturally also, and I’m mosting likely to celebrate a couple of superstars that have actually experienced hair loss.

This post will certainly be enjoyable as well as educational! My objective isn’t really to “out” any type of celeb yet to show just what early loss of hair resembles in an interesting, engaging method. I included approximate timelines, so you can do some extra Google Image searches, if desired. Allow’s start.

1. Ed Sheeran – 2013ish-Present

Sheeran utilizes a popular receding hairline style technique (i.e. his bangs!) to mask just what is likely an early-onset instance of male pattern baldness. It started around 2013, I think. If you take a look at current of him, you’ll see more thinning compared to this. His hair loss isn’t really relocating at a particularly fast lane, however the thinning is fairly apparent. As hairs miniaturize as well as the hair loss procedure advances, those hairs lessen, shorter, and lighter. His locks along the front part of his hairline are noticeably “wispy” and also a lighter color of ginger.

UPDATE– On Sheeran’s latest scenic tour as well as advertising rounds, his hair looked more powerful as well as much healthier. Is he on Propecia or some other hair loss solution? I do not intend to speculate, however it’s certainly possible!

2. Tom Hanks 1992ish-1996

Photo Credit: Paramount Pictures. Forrest Gump, 1994. Hanks couldn’t hide his declining hairline for this function! It had possibly returned a little bit because his Sleepless in Seattle nights. The lengthy hair minimized the declining fact for time, I would think of. An M (or curly V) form, shown over, is a traditional indication of mild or early male pattern baldness.

3. Prince harry 2011ish to 2014

Harry apparently made use of to like to tease William about his hair loss, then poor Harry obtained hit with the Royal Family, baldness curse, too! Karma? Possibly! His hair top quality started to reduce right around the time of William’s wedding celebration, if I’m not incorrect, around 2011. That’s probably when the procedure began for Harry. His hairless area became visible in 2013 or 14.

4. Prince William – 2004-2006

This was the earliest evidence I could find showcasing William’s male pattern baldness. I could see many much shorter hairs along the hairline; those hairs are miniaturizing and also likely simply starting the baldness process. Compared to his younger pictures, the general high quality of his hair seems reduced here– a common and overlooked sign of hair loss. The English components are playing a role, granted. His hair just looks kind of “worn,” an additional hair loss symptom. The above picture was taken in 2004, which’s approximately when William’s trip to baldness started.

Photo by PA. This picture is from William’s college graduation in 2005. The thinning had advanced significantly by this factor, and also showed up throughout a lot of his scalp. See how his hair looks sort of rough or “chewed”? That’s a sign of aggressive, early-onset hair loss.

5. Steve Carell – Mid to Late 1990s.

Steve Carell famously had slim hair in period 1 of The Office. He resolved his genetic problem by season 2, I think– most likely with a hair transplant. Below’s an excellent shot of him, probably in the late 90s. You can see his left hairline corner is collapsing inward right here, a dead giveaway of early hair loss. The component looks careless as well as “old-man” like. Having difficulty styling your hair, incidentally, is an additional usual indication of loss of hair.

6. Dak Prescott (NFL Quarterback) – 2015-Present

Once more, thinning at the corners. You could see it here, simply slightly. A lot more scalp shows up along the edges of his hairline, and also his hair is lighter there. I go into further detail regarding Prescott as well as your other favored, hair loss NFL quarterbacks in my post, The Top 10 Balding NFL Quarterbacks (and Tom Brady’s Awesome Hair Transplant).

Blake Bortles is one of the leading 10 balding NFL quarterbacks. This is an additional example of what a “chewed out” hairline can look like.

7. Judd Law 1995ish-2000

Judd Law’s hairline started declining in his early 20s. He’s 26-27 in the images over. You could see he’s still got a v-shaped hairline, sort of, which is the shape of a mature hairline. But Judd’s V-shaped hairline is taking a sharp turn, up and over to the left. By the early 2000s, his hairline was unquestionably M-shaped. Then, by the center part of the decade, Judd had an “island” of hair up front (bordered by a bald sea). Currently he’s virtually simply bald. Yet no fears, he fulfills all the five look-good-bald specifications!

8. Mike Trout – 2015ish-Present

This one is open to question. Yet it resembles his hairline corners are just beginning to collapse on him, developing a type of U-Shaped hairline. He’s the most effective gamer in baseball, so that cares!

9. Dr. Phil, 1963ish! At Only 12-13 Years Old!

Dr. Phil and also the rapper DMX famously sympathized concerning their receding hairlines. And also your favorite TV physician began going bald really young. The above image is Dr. Phil’s Jr. Senior high school picture, and he’s already balding there! On the Norwood range, I would claim he’s a very early class III client because image. You can see the beginning phases of an “island” of hair, creating at the center of his temple. It’s extremely rare for guys to begin going hairless this young, but technically, loss of hair could take place anytime after the start of the age of puberty. Loss of hair in the late teenagers as well as early 20s, comparatively, is very common, as I specify in my loss of hair 101 blog post.

10. James Spader, Early 2000s

I recorded Jame’s long and also odd hair loss trip in this message. He seemed to have complete head of hair well right into his midlifes, then appeared to lose it all drastically in the very early 2010s. However actually, his loss of hair started earlier as well as was most likely concealed for many years by expert stylists in Hollywood. They could work miracles! Below you see a fair bit of miniaturization along the hairline as well as the onset of MPB.


With any luck this message aided you get a concept what early hair loss could look like. Most men go bald somewhat, at some time in their lives, so you’re definitely not alone if you’re in the beginning stages of the baldness procedure. If you’re not exactly sure if your hairline is hair loss or growing, have a look at my message, 10 Celebrities with Mature Hairlines– A Fun as well as Educational Overview. And also finally, as always, don’t hesitate to leave a comment or ask a concern below. I such as speaking loss of hair, regards!

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