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Norwood Scale – Assess Your Hair Loss With Pics & Celebrity Examples

How bald are you?

You’re about to figure out! The Norwood scale has been a preferred baldness-measuring device considering that the 1970s. It notes the seven most regularly observed patterns of baldness in men, together with a number of generally seen variations. Below is a fast introduction of the Norwood Scale.

Kind IIA is usually thought about the first stage of balding. I’ll review all the primary courses of hair loss in this message, as well as provide examples.

My goal here is easy: making this the best, most extensive, layman-friendly blog post on the Norwood Scale on the net. Remember I’m not a medical professional, and also you shouldn’t utilize this blog post as a guide to detect or treat your hair loss, if suitable. Let’s get started.

Norwood Type 0 – AKA the Ross from Friends

This isn’t really also on the chart! You hardly ever see grown men (Caucasians particularly) with Norwood 0 hairlines. A Norwood 0 suggests no economic downturn whatsoever and usually descends slightly at the corners. Young young boys commonly have hairlines like this. But then again, they often do not, and even kids typically have a tiny bit of economic downturn along the edges of their hairlines. Some stars with Norwood 0 hairlines include David Schwimmer, obviously, along with Fox expert Sean Hannity, and probably, Simon Cowell.

Type 1, The Juvenile Hairline, AKA the Reagan

President Reagan took pleasure in a juvenile hairline for life.

Norwood one is typically considered as a “juvenile” hairline, despite the fact that it may show minor recession along the hairline corners; those edges frequently have a “rounded” appearance. Only concerning 5% of Caucasian guys preserve their adolescent hairlines throughout the training course of their life times.

President Reagan took pleasure in a lavish, full, childish hairline into his 90s, as well as President Clinton is still displaying his juvenile hairline to today, despite some fairly light, age-related thinning. Other celebs and also noteworthy numbers who have actually had basically zero loss of hair to this factor, to my understanding, consist of Anthony Bourdain of CNN, Rob Lowe, Don Henley of the Eagles, Tony Danza, and Brad Pitt, to name a few.

Norwood Type 2 – The Mature Hairline

Leonardo DiCaprio at the Cinema for Peace gala, Gendarmenmarkt, Berlin by Siebbi. Wikipedia Commons. Original is here. DiCaprio has a mature hairline with a little declined edges. He does not appear to be baldness.

Between the ages of 17 and also 30, the substantial bulk of Caucasian men will experience some hairline economic downturn, where their frontal hairlines move up about 1/2 to 2/3 of an inch (or 1-1.7 cm). Their hairline corners will additionally recede, developing a v-shaped pattern of kinds. This growth is generally not considered to be a form of male pattern baldness. Guy of other races might or may not establish fully grown hairlines– and when they do go through a growth process, they do not generally “recede” according to Caucasian males do.

Celebs with fully grown hairlines include Leonardo DiCaprio, Bradley Cooper, Jon Hamm, Michael Douglas, most various other renowned actors in Hollywood, frankly. Some of them have good genetics, others wear hair systems, lots of get transplants, and also some simply let nature take its program and expand hairless with dignity, as well. I describe why there are numerous follicly blessed celebrities in my Hollywood Hair Theory post, if you’re interested.

My detailed post on the mature hairline will help you identify whether you’re balding or simply maturing.

Type 3 – The First Stage of Balding

Type III balding is generally considered as the most usual pattern of balding, however it could take on many different looks depending on its degree of severity. Economic downturn at the hairline edges is always observed. It could take on at least 4 different forms, by my evaluation, consisting of:

  • An M-Shape – Observed in celebrities like Jimmy Fallon, Daniel Craig, Tom Hanks, and others. This very early type III pattern can be unnoticeable or extremely evident, depending upon its seriousness. Typical.
  • A U-Shape – This is commonly a sign of early or extremely mild hair loss. Bryan Cranston of Breaking Bad has a relatively U-shaped hairline, which has never truly obtained any even worse because the 1990s when he acquired fame on the show Seinfeld. When expanded out, a U-shaped hairline can be entirely undetectable. Canadian star Jim Carey also has this kind III hairline, as does former presidential nominee Mitt Romney. This has to do with as light as hair loss obtains, people. You can even call it a sophisticated type II pattern. If you end up with a U-shaped kind III hairline, consider on your own really lucky.
  • The Extra-Large V-Shape – Sometimes the whole hairline simply moves back and preserves its V-shape. If the edges of your hairline– around the edge of your eyebrow– are more than 1-1.5 inches over your highest possible forehead crease, after that you may be shedding your hair, even if you still have a V-shaped hairline. You don’t see this Norwood kind III variant as often as you see the others. Conan O’Brien is one star instance I could consider, with a v-shaped hairline that likely goes back too far to be taken into consideration a mature hairline.
  • The “Island” of Hair – This is one of the most severe variety of class III balding, where the edges recede completely, leaving a popular mass of hair, or island, in the middle of a person’s head. Former United States presidents Johnson and also Nixon both had this sort of frontal loss of hair, as does the vocalist Sting and also the Jackass Johnny Knoxville.
  • Class III Vertex – Balding on the crown likewise happens right here.

President Nixon showed an extremely receded, type III pattern on the Norwood scale.

The Norwood kind III hairline is generally very treatable, specifically of the M and also U-shaped selections. So if you read this and simply realized you’re balding, that’s the bright side. You can read about the 7 best hair loss treatment alternatives right here. Furthermore, you could look fantastic even if your hairline is taking an upward turn, just by using among these 9 receding hairline designing techniques.

Type 4 – Further Recession, With a Growing Bald Spot

Judd Law has actually experienced a reasonably “typical” loss of hair development over the last 10-15 years. He showed off a reasonably moderate, m-shaped, receding hairline in the very early 2000s. It became more of an “island” by the mid 2000s. Currently I ‘d claim he’s at the very least a kind 4 on the Norwood Scale, perhaps also a type 5.

The distinction between type III as well as IV balding can be rather subtle, with more recession in the frontal hairline observed in the last situation. In kind IV balding, the hairless spot on the vertex starts to end up being famous, yet there is still a solid band of hair across the mid-scalp region, which divides the frontal hairline from the vertex. I believe the singer Joey Fatone of N’Sync had a Norwood type 4 pattern, before his hair transplantation with Bosley.

Type 5

Doug Stamper from House of Cards is looking good, shaking his type V pattern with complete self-confidence.

Much more bare skin is revealed on both the front as well as rear of the head, and the bridge that separates both balding locations starts to degrade. James Galdolfini, a member of my bald hall of popularity, showed up to show a Norwood type 5 pattern. And he made that kind 5 appearance incredible!

Type 6

Former UK Prime priest and also bald hall of fame participant Winston Churchill revealed a kind 6 pattern. Without him, Hitler might very well have won the battle.

The band between the front and back sections of the hairline even more diminishes in Nowrwood kind VI balding. The hair on the top of the head tends to be really sporadic. Prince William appears to be working with a Class VI pattern, and Louis CK is currently there. It’s similar to the cul-de-sac-like, class 7 pattern, with simply slightly a lot more hair on the top. It’s not uncommon for boys to show early, diffuse, class VI patterns in their 20s, which can commonly only be watched under a microscopic lense.

Type 7 – The Classic Horseshoe

Larry David at the 2009 Tribeca Film Festival, by David Shankbone. Wikipedia Commons. LD is a popular leader in the hairless area.

This is one of the most extreme kind of hair loss. Male who establish a type VII pattern generally start the balding process in their late teenagers or very early 20s, although there are plenty of exceptions to this basic rule. Dr. Phil, Larry David, Carl as well as Rob Reiner, and Steve Balmer all have kind VII patterns. Larry David, by the way, is another member of my personal hairless hall of popularity.

Type 8 – The Undefinable

Where does Trump fit on the Norwood scale? No place, as far as I could inform! Is his hair also actual? You can discover more about Trump’s unusual hair in this write-up, explaining The Top 6 SHOCKING Facts About Donald Trump’s Hair!

About the “A” Patterns

Norwood A patterns are defined by more frontal loss of hair and also have less-significant balding on the crown. “A” merely represents anterior, meaning closer to the front. Norwood type A patterns are not almost as typical as basic patterns, making up less than 10% of hair loss medical diagnoses.

Right here’s an excellent image that shows the distinction in between Norwood 4 and Norwood 4A. You can see type 4A nearly resembles a “half head of hair” without any bald spot on the crown and also much more obvious frontal hair loss.

Patterns NOT Shown on the Norwood Scale

Norwood’s range excels however incomplete, as it’s missing out on a few fairly usual sorts of hair loss, including:

DPA – Diffuse Patterned Alopecia

Lots of boys experience this type of hair loss, where they have thinning throughout the scalp, typically in all locations other than the long-term or contributor area. This sort of loss of hair is generally rather to very aggressive, however can respond well to treatments like Propecia. The end destination for diffuse thinners, in a lot of cases, is a course 6 or 7 pattern on the Norwood Scale.

This young man is plainly experiencing scattered thinning. Notification just how his hairline is still mostly in tact, however he seems goinged toward a Norwood 6 pattern.

DUPA – Diffuse Unpatterned Alopecia

This is an uncommon condition that is typically misdiagnosed, as its symptoms can mirror the symptoms of normal male pattern baldness. Scattered unpatterned alopecia indicates thinning throughout the whole scalp, including the long-term zone– that’s the horseshoe-like band you see on men with Norwood 6 and also 7 patterns, which is normally resistant to DHT. DUPA is a difficult sort of hair loss to deal with, and also DUPA patients typically make bad prospects for hair transplantation. However, finasteride and also minoxidil may help slow down the development of loss of hair in DUPA individuals.

Norwood 2 V – A Mature Hairline with a Bald or Thinning Spot

This pattern is in fact rather typical. Some guys maintain their fully grown hairlines however create hairless or thinning spots on their crowns. Real-world instances include popular figures such as Al Gore, former Vice President of the United States, along with the popular film-director, Kevin Smith. You also see many older Asian men with solid hairlines up front and prominent bald spots in the back.

Predicting the Future – How Bald Will You Be?

A fortune teller probably won’t be able to tell you how bald you’ll be. But with a miniaturization exam and a genetics overview, a hair loss specialist may be able to predict your follicular future.

Male pattern baldness or androgenic alopecia is unpredictable by nature. As I explain in my Hair Loss 101 post, pattern hair loss is an inherited trait that can come from either side of your family, or from both sides. That’s right. You could inherit your dad’s perfect hairline, and your grandpa’s prominent bald spot. Hair loss can skip generations, too– so even if everyone in your immediate family is bald, there still may be hope for you!

Now, just because your father was bald by the time he was 35, that doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re destined to share his fate. That said, if you and your father (or any close relative) both started balding around the same age, and you follow a similar hair loss trajectory over a period of time, then it’s certainly possible that you’ll end up with your father’s balding pattern.

Cases of severe hair loss– class 6 and above– usually begin to form by the time a young man reaches the age of 26, though it may take many years for his pattern to become recognizable. With a comprehensive hair miniaturization exam, hair thinning can be observed in its early stages, long before it is visible to the naked eye, and treatment can be administered if desired.

The Norwood Scale – Closing Thoughts

If you just learned you’re going bald, or you’re starting to realize that you’ve lost more hair than you ‘d like, I have some good news for you. There are more effective hair loss treatment options available now than ever before, including FDA-approved Rogaine and Propecia. So if you act quickly, there’s a good chance you can enjoy a full head of hair, or at least a reasonably full head of hair, for many years to come. Embracing hair loss is another perfectly viable course. Many men look good bald, and you may be one of them!

Hopefully you found out where you sit on the Norwood scale. My aim was to write the most comprehensive, user-friendly article on the subject. If I succeeded, let me know. And feel free to leave a comment or question below.

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