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Foam vs. Liquid Minoxidil – And The Winner Is…

Rogaine is a tested loss of hair treatment alternative that can considerably slow down the baldness procedure.

That’s been developed.

However the court’s still out on which version of Rogaine/minoxidil is better, the fluid or the foam. As well as in this article, I’m mosting likely to be the discretionary.

You obtained a problem keeping that?

Didn’t believe so.

I’ll be contrasting Rogaine foam vs. liquid minoxidil making use of 6 different metrics, consisting of:

  • Price
  • Convenience
  • Ease of Use
  • Side Effects
  • Aesthetics/Utility
  • And Effectiveness

By the end of this article, you need to have the ability to figure out which minoxidil best suits your needs as well as way of life.

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Let’s begin.


Winner: Standard Liquid Minoxidil

The liquid minoxidil is normally more affordable compared to the foam, especially if you buy the prominent Kirkland-brand minoxidil. On Amazon, you could currently get a 6-month supply of minoxidil for around $25. Prices will certainly vary, naturally. The Foam isn’t really particularly costly either, however it’s typically a few bucks more each container, beginning at around $8 a bottle for the Kirkland brand name.

I’ve likewise heard individuals whine concerning having to utilize even more of the foam so as to get complete protection on their scalps, which certainly will enhance the internet rate per bottle. The foam variation doesn’t included a dropper, so it’s harder to determine the appropriate quantity with each dosage.

Ease of Use

Winner – Minoxidil Foam

The foam is less untidy to use– that seems to be the consensus among individuals that’ve used both versions of minoxidil. So it’s easier to make use of on the whole, which could make you much more inclined to take your minoxidil twice daily, as guided! Not that the liquid is a big discomfort to use, either.


Winner – Minoxidil Foam

Minoxidil foam dries out faster and might be much less of a problem to apply and cause much less stylistic concerns. So, overall, I would certainly say the foam is the clear victor in the comfort department. If you’re seeking a minoxidil item that’s super very easy to match your everyday routine, the foam is probably your best choice. The Rogaine site compares using the foam to brushing your teeth, which is not a negative example or full advertising and marketing BS. There’s a semblance of reality to it!

The Long Hair Exception

If you still have a lot of hair, or longer hair, minoxidil foam might be tough to obtain onto your scalp. As well as if that’s the instance, the liquid might be a much better option for you.


Winner – Minoxidil Foam

” It’s as well oily” is a rather typical complaint among liquid minoxidil individuals. Greasiness does not seem to be as big of a problem with the foam, and also therefore, styling your hair with the foam in it shouldn’t be much of a problem. Some people like making use of the liquid minoxidil as a designing item also! It comes down to preference, but eventually, I believe it’s secure to claim that the majority of minoxidil users favor the foam to the fluid when it involves appearances as well as hair styling.

Side Effects

Winner – Minoxidil Foam

Glycol, which works as a shipment agent for liquid minoxidil, is recognized to trigger a variety of skin issues, from inflammation to speak to dermatitis. Minoxidil/Rogaine foam is known for triggering less negative effects overall, as well as hence is the winner here. It must be kept in mind, nonetheless, that both the fluid and foam drugs are typically well-tolerated which just a tiny percentage of users report skin-related negative effects with liquid minoxidil.


Winner – Liquid Minoxidil, by one single hair on your balding head!

Most of the various other factors were undeniable in this contrast. The efficiency of minoxidil foam vs. liquid, nevertheless, is something that also several hair loss professionals differ on. Robert Bernstein and also William Rassman, co-authors of the book Hair Loss and also Restoration for Dummies, landed on contrary eneds of the dispute, with Rassman favoring the foam as well as Bernstein recommending the fluid (1, 2).

Bernstein’s disagreement is much more compelling, though, in my point of view. He notes that gycol is a far better delivery agent, and that the foam tends to get “caught up” in people’s hair.

A 2011 short article in the Indian Journal of Dermatology likewise recommended that liquid minoxidil could be a lot more effective in regards to hair regrowth.

Breaking it Down, Point By Point

Just to refresh your memory, right here are the victors in each classification.

  • Affordability – Minoxidil liquid
  • Ease of Use – Minoxidil foam
  • Convenience – Foam
  • Aesthetics – Foam
  • Side Effects – Foam
  • Effectiveness – Liquid, but just barely!

Now, drum roll please.

The Winner Is…

Minoxidil Foam, with One Big Caveat!

The liquid may really work much better! Based upon whatever I’ve checked out, the fluid does in fact pass through the scalp much more effectively compared to the foam, supplying the drug to where it’s needed. Is there a huge difference in regards to performance? I question it. And also compliance is likely even more of a concern with the liquid minoxidil, given that it may cause a higher disturbance to your day-to-day regimen.

Nonetheless, personally, I would certainly be inclined to try the fluid first, considered that it’s more affordable, simply to see if I might endure it. If it verified to trigger no major negative effects as well as had not been a discomfort in the behind to utilize, I would most likely stay with it.

It Comes Down to Preference

There’s no factor you cannot try both the liquid as well as foam to see which one you like better! Get a container of each and also conduct your personal little experiment.

Ultimately, selecting which minoxidil you use is comparable to choosing your liked cola. Okay, possibly that’s a bad example since every person chooses Coke over Pepsi. It’s even more comparable to picking your favorite light beer. They all draw. No one with any type of taste appreciates drinking light beer, however it gets the job done– as well as Coors Light is a little much less repugnant than the other 2 in my sight as well as is consequently the most effective alternative.

Similarly, nobody relishes applying minoxidil everyday, in foam or fluid form. However trying both could be a wise move on your part, just so you can identify which version of the item you’ll detest the least. Assuming it functions, which hopefully it does, you could be utilizing minoxidil for several years to come!

That’s all for now.

Have you directly utilized minoxidil foam, fluid, or both? Which version do you think is far better and why?

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