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Is There Any Truth to Secret David Beckham Hair Transplant Rumors?

Even those who have no interest in soccer know of David Beckham. That’s the reputation the man carries! A famous footballer of his time, Beckham has sure set up a lot of records and wins for his clubs and country. But as much as he’s famous for his amazing game, he is equally renowned for his hair. But there’s a sudden spurt in stories revolving around David Beckham hair transplant, owing to his hair loss in the past couple years. Well, we are here to address just that!

Given the number of hairstyles the star footballer has had, it’s no joke that Beckham truly cares for his hair; and that if there were signs of David Beckham balding, he is going to take the necessary step to rectify it. And that’s quite natural, don’t you think?

So, the real question is whether David Beckham hairline was ever receding, and did he get a hair transplant or not?


David Beckham’s Hair Through the Years

Becks has had a lot of hairstyles that, more or less covers all the TRENDY ones that could be possible with a man’s hair – Cornrows, double pony, mixed highlights, crew cuts, buns, Mohawk, buzz cut, pompadour bang, curtains, etc.

Of course, all this is possible thanks to his great genes that we never encountered any David Beckham hair loss even once in his career.

After making his club career debut in 1992 at the age of 17 for the English Premier League side Manchester United, there was no looking back for David Beckham. In 1996, he played international football that brought him worldwide fame.

But, his football career wasn’t the only thing that was newsworthy. Be it his famous spouse or fantastic hair, anything ‘Beckham’ made it to the spotlight.

Notice David Beckham hairline? It had a coveted title of attracting a lot of attention, and many jealous men wishing they could see David Beckham bald, just so that their wives would stop craving!


Was David Beckham hair loss a possibility in 2013?

Leaving Old Trafford in 2003, David Beckham united with the football club Real Madrid. His days there were served in daring and glorious ways; if not on the field, then in terms of his wild hairstyles.

But yes, by the end of the term when David left Real Madrid in 2007, his hairstyles were toned down and fit within the more conservative and common trends. Was it a conscious choice made by the amazing footballer, or was it a case of slow David Beckham balding?

Looking at these pictures of David from around 2013, you can see that his hair is not as thick as it used to be. If you take a closer look in some spots, you can actually see signs of David Beckham hair loss.

There is a small bald patch that can be seen at the crown of his head. Shocking, right?


Doctors state that male hair loss generally happens when the hormone DHT binds with hair follicles and instigates it from producing more hair.

Also, they add that hair loss around the crown area is a sign of approaching baldness. Though David may have the volume and coverage, the picture probably reinstates that his old hair is gone for good and we could see David Beckham bald eventually.


Can we conclude it’s a David Beckham Hair Transplant

When we compare the 2013 photos to David Beckham now, his hair looks pretty fab just like the good old days.

Becks, who is currently 43, now has hair that rivals even the likes of the men in their 20s or 30s. There is no sign of David Beckham balding or of any hair loss.

So how did David Beckham get back his old hair? And did David Beckham have a hair transplant?

If it is a David Beckham hair transplant, we aren’t surprised as it’s not something new for footballers.

There’s several members of the elite football club who have in fact gotten hair surgeries. Fellow Footballers like Wayne Rooney, Cesc Fabregas, Antonio Conte, and Gareth Bale have also had hair transplants.

Despite all the talks, we are doubtful if David Beckham hair transplant is really true.

David Beckham has been in a fair share of the spotlight, renowned for his fantastic game and his looks. And we have already established that David Beckham hairline was also under constant public scrutiny all these years.

So, if Becks did actually have a serious hair loss, there is no way the press or paparazzi did not get hold of it. Since there aren’t many pictures to suggest otherwise, we have to agree that David Beckham hair loss isn’t convincing at all.


Conclusion – David Beckham hair transplant details revealed

Though his hairstyle may have shockingly altered over the years, there isn’t much evidence to point toward any signs of David Beckham bald.

His hair volume and coverage almost resembles the same. Yes, there are certain clicks like the above which almost make us believe that he had hair loss, but these are pretty rare, and could be the result of bad lighting or a bad hair day, or both.

Style your hair in a particular way and have light shown in a specific direction– you will definitely see a lot of scalp. So in that context, we feel that Beckham has definitely been not just blessed with brilliant talents but also great genes for his hair. We honestly feel that his hair is most definitely real and thus cannot be David Beckham hair transplant. Do you agree with our take on this?

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