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Chris Martin Hair Implant Story Told Through Pictures

Chris Martin has made quite a mark in the music industry, being almost 20 years in it, and he’s still rocking. But yes; over the years, there have been changes in the man. No, we are not talking about the music from ‘Coldplay’ or its endless collaboration with bands like Chainsmokers. We are instead focusing on Chris Martin hair.

For a guy who had an ‘M’ hairline, which is a bit of hair loss around the temples, his new hairline is perfectly flat.

Though very subtle, there has been a clear change in his hairline. Small it may be, we sure smell something fishy!

We’ve all heard stories of celebrity hair transplants best bad worse. So, do we see evidence of Chris Martin hair transplant here?

Dive right away to know the truth about Chris’ hair.








A Journey of Chris Martin hair at Coldplay



Chris Martin, along with the other members formed the band Coldplay and gave us memorable soul-stirring songs like Paradise, Yellow, Viva la Vida, Fix You, just to name a few.

Looking at the video of the song Yellow in 2000, you can see that his hairline was far from perfect and it was receding especially above the temples. Though it wasn’t as bad as Chris Martin bald, you can see that there was a definite issue of hair loss, which we are sure implored Chris to croon ‘I will try to fix you’.

But like other celebrities in Hollywood who’ve had famous hair transplant before and after, we need to get a closer look at Chris Martin hair to ascertain the situation.


Here is a picture taken in 2003 which was also the time he married Gwyneth Paltrow. Do look at his high hairline! Unfortunate, right?

But, yes, good news!! Despite the early onset of hair loss, his hairline seemed to stabilize after this as seen in the years after.


Maybe it was the case of distinct treatments for hair loss like medications which maintained his existing hair, Chris wasn’t perturbed with hair loss anymore. Paradise, indeed! We’ve seen this quite often with celebrity hair transplants best bad worse.


And after the passing of a few years, Chris was sporting a decent hairline with good hair volume. How did it happen? Did the ‘Clocks’ singer reverse time?


Or, can we jump to the conclusion of a Chris Martin hair transplant?




Chris Martin hair transplant analysis


Before we go honing it as hair transplant, let us give Chris Martin hair the benefit of doubt. Was it just a bad camera angle or poor lighting?


Looking at the snaps of Chris before and after the alleged transplant; from 2008 (the one on the left) and 2011 (on the right), you can almost see no difference. Yes, the hairstyles are different, especially with long hair, but more or less, his hairline seems constant. So all the fears of Chris Martin bald are laid to rest thankfully!


But long hairstyles always disguise hairline, covering up ‘thinning’ especially around the temples. This becomes more obvious when you compare the two snaps of before and after with shorter hair.


C’mon, we’ve pretty much done this with other celebrities’ famous hair transplant before and after.




The M hairline has completely gone with a new and improved one taking its place. You just don’t grow hair back in areas where it was gone!


So our guess is that most probably Chris got a hair transplant somewhere around 2010.  There is a clear difference in his hair from the period of 2009 to 2011.


And because Chris Martin hair loss was quite small compared to others, his transplant also went equally unnoticed. If he had taken some time before the transplant, letting his head go somewhere near to bald before heading for a transplant, everyone in tinsel town would have noticed.


It’s like how we talk about celebrity hair transplants best bad worse all the time, especially when it’s a night-and-day of difference.






Chris Martin hair treatment: Conclusion

Now that we figured out that the Coldplay singer went from Chris Martin bald look to decent volume of hair, the next thing to figure out is what sort of treatment he opted for.

Going for a less invasive procedure which gives best results with minimal scarring seems the probable option, as with our experience from going through other celebrity hair transplants best bad worse.

Also, looking at the outcome, we can say that the transplant looks exceptionally natural. We’re no way judging the artist, after seeing countless other famous hair transplant before and after of other stars. The Scientist singer may have successfully reversed time without much of Hollywood noticing it. What are your views and opinions on our analysis? We’d love to hear it!

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