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7 News Anchors With Ridiculously Low, Chimp-Like Hairlines! – Hair Loss Daily

Men with extremely low hairlines interest me. I know I’m not the just one! And also news anchors, en masse, seem to be significantly extra follicly blessed than the basic population. I think of some are on Propecia, several have actually had hair transplantation, and so on. Yet anyhow, for your enjoyment and knowledge, right here are 7 TV news anchors with ridiculously, offensively reduced, juvenile hairlines:

1. David Muir

David Muir has the very best hair in network information, without question. At 43, he still has his juvenile hairline, as well as I picture that hairline will hold consistent for the remainder of his life. A TMZ reporter as soon as called him the Brad Pitt of TELEVISION news reporters– and that was a fairly accurate statement. Reduced hairlines commonly begin to look strange as guys age, yet Muir can pull it off, and also helpful for him.

2. George Stephanopoulos

George Stephanopoulos is 56! He looks extraordinary. No loss of hair at all, just like old manager, Slick Willie. Take a look at the 1992 election docudrama The War Room if you haven’t already, starring the horseshoe bald, imposing, ragin’ Cajun James Carville and the diminutive but follicly honored Stephanopoulos. Outstanding buddy movie!

3. Geraldo Rivera

Remarkably, Geraldo is in his early 70s! The mustache connoisseur has been a fixture on television because the OJ test. He got tossed out of Iraq for revealing the moment and place of an impending military operation. He likewise slammed Trayvon Martin’s “thug-like” clothes and called Casey Anthony a “self-indulgent, conceited, self-involved slut.” He was right on the latter point, at least! As well as Geraldo looks superior. I envision he can attribute his wonderful follicular ton of money to his Latin genes.

4. Sean Hannity

In his mid 50s, Hannity has a hairline like a monkey! And he imitates one occasionally, as well! He has one of the lower hairlines I’ve ever before seen on a white man. Trump is a fan. Trump reportedly takes Propecia, Hannity has no requirement. If you make it to age 35 or two with your adolescent hairline in tact, chances are, you’ll maintain that hairline forever. Enjoyable truth, regarding 95% of white males will experience some moderate hairline recession in their teens or 20s, as I state in my article: 7 Surprising Facts about the “Mature” Hairline.

5. David Gregory

TODAY — Pictured: David Gregory appears on NBC News’ “Today” show — (Photo by: Peter Kramer/NBC/NBC NewsWire via Getty Images)

Gregory has actually gone mainly grey, but he still rocks an adolescent hairline. Currently in his mid 40s, the 6′ 5 ″ Gregory, known by the nickname “Stretch” is making his way back to importance on CNN. Gray, with an adolescent hairline– that’s always a winning combination.

6. Dan Rather

Whether it’s still a juvenile hairline is open to question. Probably not. However given his age, I’m grading Rather on the contour! Could be a system, also, I intend. Yet my assumption is Dan Rather’s hair is still all-natural. The man is well right into his 80s! 80% of men will experience some level of loss of hair by the time they get to the age of 80, as I clarify in my Hair Loss 101 blog post. Dan is plainly beating the chances. At worst, he has a mature hairline.

7. John King

He was a wizard on election night! I would trust King to analyze the political election night, departure polling data from Hamilton County, Ohio over anybody else on TELEVISION. Adolescent hairline, grey hair, like his coworker, David Gregory. A good look!

8. Brian Stelter

NEW YORK, NY – APRIL 16: Brian Stelter attends the premiere of “Thought Crimes” during the 2015 Tribeca Film Festival at the SVA Theater on April 16, 2015 in New York City. (Photo by D Dipasupil/Getty Images for the 2015 Tribeca Film Festival)

Brian Stelter bald image
Simply kidding! Extremely Stelter is only 31, as I specify in my short article, How Brian Stelter Used Early Hair Loss to His Advantage– And How You Can, Too.

My Local Newscaster (An Honorable Mention)

Picture Credit: Q13 Fox. So this was a national information press reporter listing. However I obtained ta offer a shutout to among my regional newscasters. This person, Bill Wixey, has one of the most offensively low juvenile hairlines I’ve ever seen! It begins like an inch and a half over his eyebrows! Ridiculous. So is the caption in that image!

Closing Thoughts

Yeah, so clearly, most news anchors have good to phenomenal heads of hair. It’s one of minority occupations where having hair is somewhat essential and could make a difference in terms of a man’s employment standing and also wage. Hair gets along, I guess. Can you envision a local information press reporter with a shaved head? It’s tough for me to think of, most likely due to the fact that I’ve never ever seen it prior to! That could be just a little bit also frightening for the old ladies as well as the soccer mommies.

The individuals on my listing have outstanding locks and also remain in a course of their very own. They’re all 1’s on the Norwood range, with the possible exemption of the 80-something years of age Dan Rather. John Berman is an honorable mention, as are Regis Philbin and Judge Andrew Napolitano (not practically news anchors, I understand). I would certainly’ve consisted of Don Lemon, but he’s got that weird thinning taking place toward the front-end of his scalp, with a straight-across hairline, as well as I do not know what to make of that circumstance. Jesse Watters additionally has a juvenile hairline, but I locate him to be an insufferably snarky douche, so I left him off the checklist.

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