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Sylvester Stallone hair transplant truth uncovered

Sylvester Stallone is pretty synonymous with toughness and strength. His buff physique is probably an answer to that. So would our tough Hollywood guy even bother with a bit of hair loss? We’re going to speculate about Sylvester Stallone hair to put an end to his hair implant rumors today.

For a man in his 70s, Stallone hair does look great. And from the number of movies he has starred in, and in those endless photographs online, we can see that he didn’t seem to have a major issue with hair loss. Also, we can’t seem to recognize any pictures of Sylvester Stallone toupee.

But truth be told, his ‘new’ hairline is quite in odds with his age. Is it just a case of great genes, or probably a Sylvester Stallone wig.

There’s also a possibility of Sylvester Stallone hair transplant, which many of his die-hard fans disagree with.

Sylvester Stallone hair through his career

The 70’s

is sylvester stallone bald

Stallone’s major stint in Hollywood began with the iconic 1976 movie ‘Rocky’ and the rest is history.

The film which is still relevant even today with its amazing sequels, showcases Stallone’s brilliant performances, his wonderful physique, acting chops and, definitely, his hair. Wrote by Stallone himself, the movie got 10 nominations, winning three Oscars for Best Picture, Best Director, and Best Film Editing.

Now that we are done praising the movie, we have to say that Sylvester Stallone hair was fabulous in it. And the subsequent sequels didn’t disappoint as it still starred the Italian star who was even more fit and perfect.

When he did Rocky II, he was 33 and there was still absolutely no need for Sylvester Stallone toupee as his hairline was pretty much the same!

sylvester stallone hair transplant

All those punches may be knocking him out but definitely not his hair!

The 80s & 90s

Marching further into the 80s and 90s, Stallone still rocked his hairline. I mean there was no question about whether Sylvester Stallone bald or about Stallone hair piece.

stallone hair

Starring in a whole lotta action flicks like Rambo, Rocky parts III, IV & V, Judge Dredd just to name a few, Stallone was unbeatable. Or more correctly speaking, Sylvester Stallone hair was making it through all the fiery actions, fires, and blasts unabated.

sylvester stallone wig

We do not know about all the things that his hair managed to survive, but one thing was for sure – A Sylvester Stallone wig would’ve never been able to survive all that!

sylvester stallone toupee

But in 2007, Stallone was arrested for taking illegal growth hormones to Australia and getting caught with it. We thought steroids was the rage back in 80s. Apparently Stallone disagrees!!

Despite all that, his natural hair, however, seemed fine with no major intrusions. So was it Sylvester Stallone hair transplant? And if yes, why get one when you don’t exactly require one?


Sylvester Stallone hair transplant rumors in 2000s

So when buzz started that Stallone got a transplant, it was surprising, to say the least.

Normally, we can easily figure out when stars have had a hair transplant as there are clear signs if they ever suffered from hair loss and suddenly sprout up with a full head of hair.

But what about those who do not lose much hair at the beginning or show no signs of an impending problem? Even these celebrities do get hair transplants to maintain their hair thickness; as with age, most men do lose their rich hairline.

stallone hair piece

Looking at “Sly” who is now 72, we can’t dismiss that the star hasn’t had a transplant as his hair is definitely challenging his age.

However, we don’t agree that its a Stallone hair piece because that sounds ridiculous.

sylvester stallone hair transplant

The thing about Sylvester is that, we actually found his hairline now much lower than what it was in his 30s. It looks even better than a Stallone hair piece, quite honestly!

You can clearly see the shift in his hairline in the below picture. Unless he was magically blessed with some sudden hair growth, our bet is on a hair transplant surgery. Who’s to say, maybe even more than one to get that much volume!

It could be a Sylvester Stallone wig too, but we are siding more with transplant on this one.

Conclusion: Sylvester Stallone hair natural or implanted?

Stallone sure looks dashing for his age. Also, it is not just his hair that is robust and incredible, his physique is also something that defies his age. But we’re sure it can’t be a Sylvester Stallone toupee, or everyone would’ve known by now.

sylvester stallone hair

Though we think Stallone hardly needed a hair transplant, given that he already had a pretty good hairline, we have to conclude that it probably wasn’t enough for the star. He definitely seemed to have hair transplants to augment his volume and hey, who are we to complain, as long as it looks this good!! Don’t you agree with our take on this?

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