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Tyga Hairline Makeover: What’s the Truth?

Micheal Ray Stevenson, or better known by his stage name Tyga, is an American rapper whose claim to fame was his biggest hit single ‘Rack City’. And a few lesser-known hits like ‘Faded’ and ‘Far away’ might figure as well. But news of Tyga hairline is what’s making the rounds as of now.

If all that still doesn’t ring a bell, you would surely know him to be the guy who dated Kylie Jenner for a brief period of time.

But something we noticed about Tyga hair is his changing hairline.

In fact, about some years ago, photos showed a high Tyga forehead with a receding hairline that sure made us take notice. But in recent years, there was quite a change and we saw a new but low Tyga hairline.

So what do you think about Tyga hairline? Did he do something to effectively grow it back naturally? Is it an amazing wig or maybe a weave? Or perhaps, a Tyga hair transplant.

Tygas Hairline Before Hair Transplant

tygas hairlineFeaturing in the video of his pretty famous single of 2011, Rack City, Tyga can be seen wearing a variety of headgear be it, snapbacks, beanies, bandanas, all those.

Was it simply a part of his style appeal or a bid to cover his ‘growing’ forehead? No matter what, given the receding Tygas hairline, it does seem reasonable.

Not that we are taking a dig at the guy. Hair loss is pretty much common and natural in men, affecting millions across the world. But still, the hair loss kinda affects the badass look he definitely wanted to go for.

Kickass tattoos and shades may give him the cool edgy look, but we have to agree that the thinning Tyga hair and weak chin aren’t winning him accolades as being the toughest gangsta rapper out there.

Look at this picture of him attending the 2011 BET Awards and you’ll agree with us.

tyga hair

Is That a Weave Covering Tyga Hairline?

But contrast this with pictures of him today, it almost looks like time turned back with Tygas hairline being much lower than seen in his previous years. Which leads us to wonder if Tyga hairline transplant could be a possibility??

tyga hair transplant

Before we go about fixating on the idea of hair transplant, it is only fair to see every possible explanation and see the truth for ourselves.

This brings us to the next best option. Was it the magic of hair loss treatments?

Yes, there are tons of FDA-approved treatments like Finasteride, Minoxidil and oral medications like dutasteride which have been shown to be pretty effective.

But these treatments work with maintaining the hair, and not adding so much to the hairline. And definitely not lowering it, say by 2 inches, as we see in Tyga hairline. Now, dismissing that option, the next explanation could be that Tyga has got a weave.

Weaves add volume to existing hair making it look a lot thicker. Lots of women do it to give their pony the extra volume. But, is this what is going on with Tyga hair really?

It is quite hard to believe as seen in the other photos, where the rapper appears to have real hair. You can see his scalp, and not some finicky hair extensions or systems.

Also, can you imagine wearing a weave all day around the clock? So, we dismiss that totally.

Evidence Points to Tyga Hair Transplant: The Highest Possibility

tyga hairline transplant

Photographed with his girlfriend Kylie, you can see Tyga having fun at the beach.

One would argue that with today’s technology, you could get beautiful weaves and wigs that hold well even in water.

But in this photo, you can clearly see Tyga hair looking genuine and rising from his scalp. Yes, it appears a bit sparse, especially at the front, but it still looks like hair.

This brings us the most likely explanation, which is Tyga hair transplant surgery.

With most rappers roaming around in big cars and living in large mansions just as Tyga does, we are pretty sure about Tyga hairline transplant as he could easily afford it.

tyga bald

This may also remove all doubts of whether hair transplants can be done on men of African descent or not. Interestingly, there are actually hair transplant surgeons who specifically cater to that.

So, now we can all agree that Tyga hairline transplant is true without a question.

Rapper or actor, appearances do seem to matter; and many have had surgeries and hair transplants to keep looking good.

It’s not surprising to see and hear about Tyga hair transplant as he may have just done the same which is well within his reach and power.

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