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Forget About Kevin Spacey’s Crimes, Let’s Talk About His Hair Hairline!

I’ll admit it.

I am a fan of Kevin Spacey, the actor. American Beauty is a top-tier film in my point of view, and I, like many, have actually thoroughly taken pleasure in enjoying his efficiency as President Frank Underwood in House of Cards.

However like Harvey Weinstein, Spacey appears to be a freak as well as scumbag.

Does that mean I won’t still view his films? No, I do not assume so.

Someone could produce magnum opus that requires our cumulative attention as well as be an asshole or freak at the same time.

Bill Cosby may be an exemption to that guideline, however. Spacey, maybe not so much …

Spacey’s Hair Loss

Spacey’s among those guys who’s been balding since … for life, generally. He was rocking a timeless “island” Norwood 3 hairline in all of his early flicks such as Glengary Glen Ross.

Below’s a young Spacey (early 30s) in the aforementioned 1992 motion picture, Glengary Glen Ross. Norwood 3 with some thinning up front.

His balding never proceeded much beyond that factor, on film anyhow …


Here’s a shot of a shaved-down Spacey in the borderline-classic ’95 motion picture, Seven. The island is starting to come to be a lot more obvious right here, inching closer to Norwood 4 region.

Hair Transplant or Hair System?

As always, that is the inquiry!

Kevin Spacey’s hairline is a little like the tide, in that it tends to ups and downs, in a manner of speaking, which naturally recommends that Spacey uses a hair system.


House of Cards

Spacey in House of Cards. His manufactured hairline mimics the form of a fully grown hairline, however it’s expensive to actually be one. Bob Odenkirk uses a comparable, high, v-shaped system for his show, Better Call Saul.

More often than not, his hairline (and hair as a whole) simply look a bit strange, provided his age and known history of hair loss.

Many men with hairlines as high as the hairline he usually sporting activities in House of Cards, for example, have significant amounts of thinning. Spacey shows up to have no thinning, at least when he shows up in media event as well as in motion pictures.

His holy place optimals are likewise entirely gone.

And from exactly what I’ve gathered, natural-looking temple tops are tough to create for hair system makers.

The Money Shot

That’s possibly a negative expression to utilize offered Spacey’s salacious past …


So yeah … Safe to claim he wears a piece. And that he may well be a piece of you recognize just what, right? Your phone call, as constantly.

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