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Is Tom Brady Losing His Hair, Again?! A Critical, Post-Superbowl Update!

Now it’s typical expertise that somewhere around 2010, Tom Brady probably had a hair transplantation. Currently, after Tom’s remarkable resurgence in Super Bowl 51, my message entitled The Top 10 Balding NFL Quartbacks (and Tom Brady’s Awesome Hair Transplant) has actually received a large rise of website traffic. People are wondering if Tom’s follicular luck…

Wayne Rooney hair

Wayne Rooney’s hair transplants: cost, surgeon, concealer, results… everything!

Back in June 2011, the Manchester United as well as Everton striker revealed by means of Twitter that he would certainly had a hair transplantation. Though not the very first star to opt for hair remediation surgery, few are as open and truthful concerning it as Wayne Rooney. Since then, the football celebrity has had…