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What Early or Mild Hair Loss Looks Like, With 10 Celebrity Examples

Stars are just like the rest of us! They grow older, go bald, start taking Viagra, as well as eventually pass away. Certain, many celebrities are follicly honored, or they obtain hair transplantation. However some simply allow their locks shed naturally also, and I’m mosting likely to celebrate a couple of superstars that have actually…

Is Tom Brady Losing His Hair, Again?! A Critical, Post-Superbowl Update!

Now it’s typical expertise that somewhere around 2010, Tom Brady probably had a hair transplantation. Currently, after Tom’s remarkable resurgence in Super Bowl 51, my message entitled The Top 10 Balding NFL Quartbacks (and Tom Brady’s Awesome Hair Transplant) has actually received a large rise of website traffic. People are wondering if Tom’s follicular luck…

Larry David Never Flirted with a Toupee, and He’s Proud of How He Accepted His Baldness! Watch LD’s Most Recent Interview Here!

As I have actually stated previously, Larry David is an individual hero of mine. Hell, he’s even a participant of my hairless hall of fame! So, when I saw that Larry David was the primary visitor on Jimmy Kimmel Live last night, naturally I needed to DVR it. And the meeting didn’t disappoint! Scroll to…

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