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Why did Robbie Williams have a hair transplant?

There’s no doubt whether this celeb has actually had a hair transplant. In a 2013 interview, Robbie Williams confessed to obtaining his “thatch done” in LA. Just what’s weird though is he wasn’t shedding his hair to begin with– as he himself confesses. So why did Robbie Williams have a hair transplantation?


Robbie rose to fame as part of 90s boyband Take That.

In videos for hits such as Could it be Magic and also Back completely, the singer shows no indicators of loss of hair– yet after that he wasn’t even 20 right now.

Even after leaving the band, he maintained the same Norwood 1 hairline as he embarked on a solo occupation.

The brief haircut he was showing off around this time did expose a famous scar behing the hairline, which he discussed in a 2000 meeting was the result of an event with a container when he was a youngster.

Aside from that, the pictures listed below (from 1995 and also 1997) show a singer with nothing to worry about in the hair loss department.robbie williams hair transplant 1990


Even as we got in a new Millennium (get it?) the celebrity still had a solid head of hair with no visible indicators of miniaturisation.robbie williams hair transplant 2000


Robbie’s hairline was still going solid right into the 2010s as well.

This screenshot from Candy (2012) shows really minimal hair loss for somebody approaching 40 years old.robbie williams hair transplant 2010

Even if he ‘d had his hair and also makeup done for this video, it’s clear he didn’t have much to stress over. On the Norwood scale, he ‘d barely be considered a grade 2.

Former band-mate Gary Barlow on the other hand …

Regarding hair loss genes go, Robbie is very fortunate. His hair appears to be, primarily, resistant to the results of dihydrotestosterone (DHT)– the major hormonal offender considered to be responsible for androgenetic alopecia (male pattern baldness).

Probably he had some small miniaturisation along the hairline, however he’s got a head of hair better compared to a great deal of men 10 years his junior.

This made his admission that he ‘d had a hair transplant on the Graham Norton chat show all the more unforeseen:

” I’ve had a thatch done … I’ll inform everyone now. I really did not even require it!”.

So why did he get it done?

In the interview, his explanation for having the procedure is “I had like 3 months off, I got burnt out.”.

Whether this is the whole story is arguable. He ‘d possibly saw the small miniaturisation– something completely average for a male his age– and decided to do something regarding it during his time off.

He verifies this is where the hair was implanted: “I simply obtained some at the sides as well as front done.”.

It might seem to be an extreme action to require to deal with such a small cosmetic imperfection, yet modern strategies suggest hair transplantation is a much less invasive and also requiring treatment compared to it made use of to be.

Breakthroughs in Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) strategies mean the procedure can be carried out under regional anaesthetic. Bespoke devices– under 1mm in size– make the procedure minimally invasive, leaving virtually undetectable marks.

Just what’s even more, lots of specialists do not need people to cut their hair off before undergoing the procedure, which would certainly be an evident giveaway.

Naturally, it can still be a pricey procedure to have done. But also for Robbie “I’m abundant past my wildest dreams!” Williams, this isn’t really a factor.

As discussed in the previous write-up on actor Matthew McConaughey’s hair transplant, there are rumours that plenty of stars receive ‘top up’ FUE treatments every year approximately simply to preserve their younger looks.

If celebs wait till they are noticeably hair loss, it makes it more difficult to hide the fact they’ve had a hair transplantation when they do at some point obtain rounded to it.

When cash is no object, obtaining a hair transplant is, for numerous celebs, the rational selection. Looks are essential in Hollywood and a complete head of hair can make or break an occupation. LA life obviously rubbed off on Robbie, as he admitted in the meeting.

When it comes to the outcomes, well, his hair does not look a lot various to just how it did prior to the treatment.robbie williams hair transplant

The left photo is from an efficiency on the UK version of The X Factor in 2010. On the right is Williams executing on the Australian variation in 2015.

Also under severe light (left) his pre-transplant hair didn’t consider all negative.

But fair play to Robbie for admitting he’s had a hair transplant. It’s absolutely nothing to be embarassed around and also he could conveniently have gotten away with it if he would certainly kept quiet.

That he has chosen to ‘come clean’ verifies just what many suspect: celebs, also those that aren’t certainly going hairless, have hair transplants constantly! Other individuals in the public eye– ahem, political leaders– do it also.

It’s just a sensible effect of today’s image-obsessed culture.

What do you think? Is everyone in Hollywood getting hair transplants on the sly? Let us know in the comments below!