Has Tyga had a hair transplant?

Tyga – the rap artist that gave us Rack City and also … err … well, that’s about it really– hasn’t always had the reduced hairline he has nowadays. Yes, simply a couple of brief years earlier, Tyga’s forehead could be more properly described as a fivehead. So, exactly how has his hairline un-receded so dramatically? Wig? Weave? Hair transplantation?

Tyga before hair transplant

tyga bald

Tyga prior to hair transplant – Shelf City videoTyga’s first (and virtually just) significant hit can be found in the type of 2011’s Rack City.

In the video for the tune, Tyga– real name Micheal Ray Stevenson– can be seen sporting a large range of headgear: bandanas, beanies, snapbacks– you name it.

And offered his hairline, that was possibly a smart move.

I’m not attempting him– hair loss is a natural process that impacts several men the world over.

But begin, take a look at the individual! Weak chin, declining hairline– he hardly resembles the hard gangsta he makes himself out to be.

Anyhow, here he is imagined at the 2011 WAGER Honors. Notification how high his hair line is:tyga new hairline


Tyga hair after: is it a weave?

tyga hairstyleToday, Tyga’s hairline is much lower than it remained in 2011.

As well as he’s dating Kylie Jenner– possibly he asked Kim Kardashian where she got her hair transplantation?

Yet before accusing him of getting a hair transplant, we should consider all the options.

To begin with, loss of hair therapies.

Yes, FDA accepted loss of hair treatments minoxidil as well as finasteride can generate some pretty respectable outcomes.

However, at best, they’re primarily only reliable for maintaining hair. It’s extremely not likely they might have reduced Tyga’s hairline by 2 inches!

A more probable explanation is that Tyga is wearing a weave. This video discusses how weaves help males:

But I do not think this is what’s happening with Tyga’s hair.

For one, he ‘d need to use it 24/7.

Yet most importantly, there are lots of images of Tyga which recommend his new hair is real– as we’ll see.

Tyga hair transplant: one of the most likely explanation

tyga new hairlineHere, we see Tyga frolicking in the sea with the wonderful Kylie.

Today’s modern technologies imply hair systems– weaves, wigs, and so on– can be worn in water without befalling.

But Tyga’s hair right here does not appear like a hair system.

You can see his scalp under the hair. His hair is noticeably thinner in this field, however it looks like real hair however.

No, I assume the more probable explanation is that Tyga had a hair transplantation.

To begin with, he can afford hair transplantation surgical procedure. Do not ask me exactly how (possibly Kylie loaned him the cash?) however the individual has Ferraris and Lamborghinis, so I’m quite sure he can pay for a hair transplant.

tyga hair before and aftertyga hair before and afterTyga hair transplantation: before and also after

And also indeed, hair transplant surgery can be done on guys of African descent. Actually, there are hair transplant cosmetic surgeons who are experts in it.

Have a look at Lewis Hamilton’s hair transplantation for a similar outcome.

So up until I see Tyga without his hair system, I’m going with hair transplant. His hairline is significantly lower as compared to 2011 and also this is the most likely description.

Turns out ganstas are concerned regarding hair loss also!

Tyga hair transplant decision: 2000 FUE Grafts

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