Has Rich Piana a hair transplant?

Bodybuilder Rich Piana has actually become a YouTube feeling with his huge body and complete honesty regarding the globe of body building. From steroid cycles to consuming 12+ dishes a day, Rich has actually made a name for himself online by describing specifically just what it takes to get to his size. One point he’s been much less honest about however is his hair. With the amount of equipment he’s taken, it’s lucky he’s obtained any type of left– as well as photos from a few years ago show he had some quite innovative hair loss. So how did he gain back a complete head of hair?

The Mutant days

Prior to starting his very own firm, 5%, Rich Piana was sponsored by Mutant supplements.

The business’s motto is “leave humanity behind” and also Rich has actually definitely done that. Regrettably, in doing so, he likewise appears to have actually left his hair behind as well.

Just have a look at this video from around 2012 when he was still recommending their products:

Regardless of having very sparse density on his scalp– Rich seems around a Norwood 4 in this video– he still has the shadow of a reduced hairline.

It’s fairly an unusual look (also for a mutant) and points to him having had some job done.

This image highlights what a scalp will generally resemble a month or so after getting a hair transplant.

The freshly hair transplanted hair has befalled yet the recipient area has still not fully recouped, developing a contrast in colour between the red hairline as well as temple.

For one more sight of his pre-transplant hair, have a look at it in this conversation with Ric Drasin:

Rich had plainly shed a great deal of his hair when this video was filmed.

If I needed to guess just how much of his initial hair he’s got left, I ‘d say 5%.

Although taking a look at his steroid cycle, it’s a miracle there’s anything left in all!

has abundant piana had a hair transplant? steroid cycleSome body builders could take steroids without it causing loss of hair. For those whose hair is genetically immune to the harmful results of the hormone dihydrotestosterone (DHT)– the main hormone responsible for loss of hair– their hair will certainly stay despite just how much gear they take.

Rich does not appear to be among these fortunate individuals.

Not just that, he’s taking anadrol, tren and also dianabol– 3 compounds recognized to be especially harming to the hair.


In current video clips though, Rich has actually restored his vibrant hairline along with a great deal of the thickness.

Despite still taking steroids like they’re heading out of style, the very mutant has a head of hair far better compared to a great deal of males his age.

So has Rich Piana had a hair transplant?


For one, he’s no stranger to doing whatever it requires to attain outcomes.

He’s done all kind of things to customize his look. Besides the steroid use, there’s his tattoos, dermal implants, synthol– the checklist takes place.

Still not encouraged? Have a look at this screenshot from one of his video clips.

As explained in this write-up on getting a hair transplant in Turkey, a certain sort of hair transplant operation, Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT), will certainly leave an unique scar at the rear of the head.

This scar is developed when a strip of scalp is drawn from the contributor area to harvest hair roots for transplantation into the recipient location.

Despite having relatively lengthy hair on the sides of his head, you can see simply such a mark in a great deal of Rich’s video clips.

Even the best hair loss options presently offered are not likely to have caused Rich to practically grow back a full head of hair– especially when he’s injecting substantial quantities of androgenic substances daily.

I’m a significant Rich Piana follower as well as I have substantial regard for the method he informs it like it is.

So Rich, if you ever read this, please make a video clip resolving this subject in your famously truthful way!

Rich Piana hair transplant verdict: 4000 FUT grafts

RIP Rich Piana – 1971 – 2017

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