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Has David Beckham had a hair transplant?

He’s most likely the most popular football player of perpetuity. Yet David Beckham is practically as well-known for his hair as he is for his footballing skill. I mean, his free kick against Greece was impressive, but far more impressive are the large variety of hairstyles he’s had over the years. Becks is certainly a person who appreciates his hair, as well as if he was going hairless you would certainly expect him to take action. So, has David Beckham had a hair transplantation?

David Beckham’s hairstyles

  • Drapes? Check.
  • Haircut? Check.
  • Crew cut? Check.
  • Mohawk? Examine.
  • Fauxhawk? Check.
  • Outrageous long hair pulled back into an early variation of a male bun? Check.

david beckham hairline

did david beckham have a hair transplantYes, at some time or other, Becks has actually had pretty much every hairdo it’s possible to have– also cornrows.

His job started at Premier League side Manchester United in the early 90s. However it had not been up until 1996– when he racked up an incredible objective against Wimbledon from the half way line– that he actually fired to fame.

david beckham bald

david beckham hair plugs

Since then, he’s made headings for all kind of points– both on and off the pitch.


But one thing you could were virtually assured to see in the documents during the late 90s/early 00s was a tale about Beckham’s hair.

David Beckham hair loss?

After leaving Old Trafford in 2003, Becks signed up with Spanish side Real Madrid.

These were his splendor years– a minimum of as for absurd hairstyles are worried.

However, with age comes knowledge. As well as considering that leaving Real Madrid in 2007, David Beckham’s hairdos have been far more conservative.

Yet was this an option? Or did male pattern hair loss require his hand?david beckham hair plugs

Various images from around 2013 show up to show David Beckham with noticeable indicators of androgenetic alopecia (male pattern hair loss).

david beckham baldingThis image looks specifically telling. Notification the glossy bald patch at the crown of the head.

Male pattern hair loss impacts men when the hormone dihydrotestosterone (DHT) binds to hair roots. Over time, this causes the follicles to quit generating hair.

And if you have a look at the Norwood range– the measure utilized by physicians to evaluate loss of hair– you’ll discover that this is an especially usual area to start going bald.

This is usually one of the first indicators of impending baldness. Whilst Becks appears to have good hair coverage in other places, this photo recommends David Beckham’s well-known hair got on its escape at this moment.

David Beckham hair transplant?

Today, however, David Beckham’s hair looks comparable to ever.david beckham hair transplant

At age 41, his hair looks basically the like it did when he was starting at Old Trafford. Not a hairless patch to be seen.

So, how did David Beckham reverse his baldness after 2013?

david beckham hairstyleWell, if it was a hair transplant, he’s in great company. We’ve currently considered the hair transplants of fellow footballers Cesc Fabregasand Slaven Bilic.

As well as, certainly, there’s England co-star Wayne Rooney (we’ll speak much more concerning him one more day).

Yet in spite of the popularity of hair transplants in soccer, it does not resemble Becks has actually had one.

David Beckham’s hair is regularly under scrutiny. He’s renowned for it. And offered the amount of press focus his hair has actually obtained, there would certainly be plenty a lot more evidence if Becks was going bald or had a hair transplant.

Whilst the styles have actually varied drastically over the years, Beckham’s hair thickness and also protection has actually stayed quite consistent.

Yes, there are a number of pictures that make it look like Becks was shedding his hair. Yet in the appropriate light, virtually any person can resemble they’re going bald. It seems most likely that a combination of negative hair day and bad lighting are responsible.

David Beckham hair transplant verdict: cleared of all charges!

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