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Has Cesc Fabregas had a hair transplant?

It’s another football hair transplant: Cesc Fabregas. And while he’s never ever been as bald as some of his fellow gamers and also supervisors, there’s no refuting the adjustment in his hair line. Prior to leaving Barcelona, Fabregas was significantly receding. Yet by the end of his initial year at Chelsea, he had best hair once more. Let’s have a look at the photos.


Pre-Chelsea hair

cesc fabregas hair transplant

Cesc Fabregas has actually never ever been bald bald– not like Wayne Rooney, for instance.

As a matter of fact, he’s always had a quite suitable barnet. Here he is indicating what is a great head of dark hair.

Yet the anxiety of top-flight football (or, more likely, exposure to dihydrotestosterone) took its toll on his hairline. By the end of his last season at Barcelona, it had actually somewhat receded.

Thankfully, he moved to Chelsea before the begin of the 2014 period for EUR33 million and a yearly salary of over EUR8 million– ample to manage a decent hair transplantation

fabregas hairstyle

And as a footballer, he has no lack of access to hair transplantation professionals for suggestions! Whether its supervisors such as Slaven Bilic and also Antonio Conte, or fellow gamers such as Wayne Rooney, there are a lot of individuals to direct him in the direction of a decent hair transplantation specialist.

And that’s precisely just what he aims to have done before the start of the 2014 season.

Cesc Fabregas hair transplant

cesc fabregas hair loss

New team, new hairstyle.

Although it possibly wasn’t a stylistic selection. Most hair transplantation surgeons cut the donor and also recipient areas prior to surgical treatment to make the procedure less complicated.

As well as if you look closely, you could see the outline of the new hairline.

In fact, it was still noticeable even after the season had begun. Below’s Fabregas during a post-match interview having just beaten his old club Arsenal 2-0:

cesc fabregas haircut

Notice the baby new hairs starting to be available in.

The results of a hair transplant take some time to be visible. It doesn’t take place overnight.

Initially, the freshly hair transplanted hairs fall out. Then, during the following couple of months, they begin to expand back in. The full outcome is normally noticeable after 18 months approximately.

As well as Fabregas’ hair seemed precisely timetable.

cesc fabregas hair befor and after

The left picture was from the beginning of the season. The best one towards the end. Notification a difference?

Cesc Fabregas hair transplant verdict: uncertain!

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