Chris Martin’s hair transplant

In the fifteen plus years he’s been in the songs sector, Chris Martin’s design has actually altered fairly noticeably. No, I’m not discussing Coldplay, I’m discussing his hair. Where he when had a receding bouffant, he now has a completely level hairline. It’s subtle, but to a hair loss geek like me, very noticeable. So was it a hair transplantation?

Breakthrough – Parachutes, Yellow, Trouble

Chris Martin rose to fame as part of British rock bandColdplay. In the video for their breakthrough solitary, Yellow, you could see his less than excellent hairline– and also this was in the year 2000. Yes, it seems there was “Trouble”( get it?!) in advance for Chris Martin’s hairline.

This first picture was taken around the exact same time he obtained wed to Gwyneth Paltrow in 2003.

Whilst he’s never bald, it’s quite clear his hairline was receding right now. On the Norwood range for loss of hair, he seems fast coming close to phase 3, otherwise there currently.

Regardless of this, his hair remained rather steady around Norwood 3 for a couple of years after. Perhaps he was using reliable loss of hair therapies to quit his hairline from receding even more.

In fact, he was even endure sufficient to experiment with various hairstyles. However in this picture of him with a shaved head you can very plainly make out the “M” form of a declining hairline.

But a few years later on this M-shaped hairline would certainly have inexplicably went away. It’s nearly as if somebody had actually turned back the “Clocks” (sorry!).


Chris Martin’s hair transplant

In the beginning, I was almost prepared to provide Chris Martin the benefit of the question.

Checking out these before and after images– left is 2008, right is 2011– it’s difficult to see much distinction. The styles are different, yet the hairline looks quite similar.

However the longer hairdo disguises the thinning hair at the holy places.

This is more evident when you compare in the past as well as after shots from a various angle. Have a look at both shots below– the difference is night and day.

You don’t simply regrow hair in that area once it’s gone– a minimum of not without significant luck as well as more effort.

My hunch is that Chris Martin had a hair transplantation at some time in 2010. Looking through photos, there’s a clear distinction between 2009 and also 2011.

And he’s a fine example of just how celebs could obtain hair transplants without any individual realising.

If Chris Martin had allowed himself go totally hairless prior to he obtained a hair transplant, every person would see. Yet a tiny treatment similar to this is refined enough to run away lots of people’s focus.

It does not take much to get an FUE hair transplant today– specifically except someone with small loss of hair like Chris Martin. It’s a fast and also minimally invasive treatment that leaves virtually no scarring.

Best of all, the outcomes look entirely all-natural.

So congratulations Chris Martin on reversing your loss of hair. And also congratulations to the hair remediation doctor that managed to “Fix You”!

Chris Martin hair transplant verdict: 1000 FUE grafts

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