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Antonio Conte’s incredible hair transplant

It’s one of the most stunning celeb hair transplants out there. Previous footballer turned manager Antonio Conte has gone from basically completely bald to an excellent– as well as I do suggest excellent– head of hair. Exactly how did he achieve such superb results? Who produced this masterpiece? And how much did it set you back? Continue reading to discover.

Antonio Conte hair loss

Conte’s profession started at home town club Lecce.

He made his debut in 1986, aged 16. And also as a young lad he had a thick head of hair:

antonio conte hair

Antonio Conte at Lecce (~ 1986).

antonio conte hair lossConte at Juventus (1994 ).


However just a few brief years and also a relocate to Juventus later on, this once great head of hair was noticeably thin.

Aside from a couple of strands at the fringe, Conte’s hair loss was bordering on a Norwood 6.antonio conte hair transplant

Antonio Conte first hair transplant(?)

However by the year 2000, Conte’s hair had actually noticeably improved.

We tend to think about Wayne Rooney as the very first footballing hair transplant, however Conte shows up to have actually been the genuine pioneer.antonio conte bald

His hair was still a long way from the work of art it is today yet it was visibly thicker as compared to a couple of years prior.

Hair transplantation had actually been around for a few years by now, yet strategies just weren’t as progressed in 2000 as they are now.

Initially, the follicular unit extraction (FUE) technique was not as extensively made use of as it is today. Instead, doctors made use of follicular unit transplantation (FUT)– otherwise referred to as the ‘strip’ method– to remove hair follicles. Likewise, breakthroughs in hair transplant methods imply specialists today can create a thicker head of hair today compared to 2000 (providing the donor ability suffices).

Anyway, Conte’s hair during Euro 2000 appears quite typical of a hair transplant from around this time. His hair isn’t really best, but the insurance coverage is considerably improved in contrast to earlier pictures.

As well as I could not talk about Conte and Euro 2000 without discussing this spectacular objective versus Turkey:

Conte relinquished specialist football in 2004 with a better head of hair compared to when he would certainly joined Juventus 13 years formerly.

However by 2007 Conte was back to being hairless.antonio conte wig

It’s not a negative look! Conte pulls off the hairless head very well.

Even so, records suggest he ‘d contended the very least one hair transplantation to recover his hair to its previous glory.

Present day: Antonio Conte hair transplants

Looking at Conte today, it’s practically difficult to tell he ever dealt with loss of hair.

Also when caught by the wind his hair looks far better compared to many individuals half his age:antonio conte hair transplant

So exactly how did he do it?

Reports suggest Conte had one or two hair transplantation in his native Italy shortly after his playing career ended up in 2004. However, the results of these procedures are claimed to have been less than excellent.

The report is that Conte then took a trip to Vancouver, Canada, for his most recent hair transplant surgery. And this time around it was a complete success.antonio conte wig

If these records are true, it seems likely that Conte’s amazing transformation was the job of hair reconstruction cosmetic surgeons Hasson and also Wong. As IAHRS members (type of like the Premier League of hair transplant doctors), these 2 are amongst the best worldwide.

So how much did it set you back?

Evaluating by Conte’s thick head of hair it seems sensible to expect he had at least 4000 hair follicles hair transplanted (not including previous surgical treatments).

Most hair transplantation cosmetic surgeons bill each graft (i.e. cost for every hair follicle hair transplanted). The final cost would likewise rely on which approach– FUE or FUT– was utilized.

With FUT, a strip of skin is eliminated from the back of the scalp. Hair follicles are then extracted from this strip and dental implanted into the baldness area. FUT takes much less time (so has the tendency to set you back less) however leaves more recognizable scarring.

The FUE approach entails drawing out private roots one at a time. This obviously takes more time and money however leaves less recognizable scarring.

Given that Conte is reported to have already had at the very least one hair transplantation, it’s most likely he went with the FUE approach in Canada. This is likely to have cost around $30,000 based upon the 4000 graft quote above.

Naturally, this does not think about the price of any type of previous surgical procedures he may have had. And, with such a remarkable outcome, 4000 grafts might be a little on the reduced side.

But nevertheless many grafts it took, his is one of the best star hair transplantation available.

Congratulations Antonio Conte!antonio conte before and after hair

Antonio Conte verdict: 2000 FUT + 2000 FUE + 4000 FUE (~8000 grafts total)

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